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A quick reminder for anyone who missed it, The Bargain Mail Order Bride is on pre-order at all channels.  It’ll be out next week. 🙂

Due out January 7!

The_Bargain_Mail_Order_Bride_new version

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This is book 4 in the Chance At Love Series, and it completes the series.

  • Book 1: The Convenient Mail Order Bride
  • Book 2: The Mistaken Mail Order Bride
  • Book 3: The Accidental Mail Order Bride
  • Book 4: The Bargain Mail Order Bride.

Groom For Hire is FINALLY done!

This is Book 3 in the Pioneer Series

(Release Date Not Determined Yet)

Groom for Hire

I had to add another scene this past week, but the book is finally complete.  I’m very happy with the finished product, but I’m not going to lie: this was a major pain to write.  So many chapters had to be rewritten, and scenes needed swapping around.  No amount of pre-planning in the world would have saved me from the curveballs these characters kept throwing in my direction.  I’m glad I pushed back the release date on this one, though.  It was worth the aggravation to be able to say I’m finally happy with how it turned out.

I’m almost done with the initial stages of editing, and I’ll be handing it off to my editing team soon.  I’m handing this one to my publisher, so I don’t have a pre-order up yet, and I don’t have a release date.  Whatever works best for my publisher works for me.

Books in the Pioneer Series:

  • Book 1: Wagon Trail Bride
  • Book 2: The Marriage Agreement
  • Book 3: Groom For Hire
  • Book 4: Forced Into Marriage (which I discuss at length below)

The Rake’s Vow is almost halfway done

This is Book 2 in the Marriage by Bargain Series

(I have May 6 marked as the official release date, but I’m ahead of schedule.  I’m hoping for a late March release on this one.)


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For those of you who wanted Anthony (hero in The Viscount’s Runaway Bride) to man up and speak to Loretta about jilting her, I just wrote the scene where he finally did.  Yes, I do think he was a coward for not doing it in The Viscount’s Runaway Bride, but he was a flawed character so he didn’t do it.  He, along with the other very flawed characters in this series, are all in a process of maturing.

To be honest, I am excited about this particular series because of how many flaws there are to work with in all of the main characters.  Each one has a severe weakness that needs to be strengthened, and it’ll take most of the series to work through them all.

I’ve started Taming The Viscountess

This is Book 3 in the Marriage by Bargain Series

(I put this down for an August release.  I’m not expecting it to take that long, but I’m playing it safe.)


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I had to change the name from To Snare an Earl because I switched the main characters.  This was originally going to be Celia and Corin’s story, but after taking time to think it over and talking to a couple of very nice people, I saw intriguing possibilities to pairing Celia up with the captain instead.

I’m only in chapter two.  Sebastian (our captain) knows full well what Celia’s like, but he’s willing to take on the challenge of marrying her.  I’m glad I went in this direction.  I have a feeling this book will have some great humor in it as Sebastian teaches Celia how to be a nicer person.  I also have a feeling these two are going to have some awesome chemistry together.  (I especially love it when the characters have awesome chemistry.  Those are the most fun couples to write because they’re dynamic on the page.)  I was so excited about this book, I had to start it before I finished with The Rake’s Vow.

The Reclusive Earl is almost halfway done!

This is Book 1 in the Marriage by Fate Series

(This one is planned for April 9, and it’ll probably be released on that date.)


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I’m excited about where I’m about to go in this story.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m excited about all of these books.  But this one is going to have a thriller aspect to it. I love playing around with the thriller subplots from time to time.  This is primarily a romance.   This is Opal’s story.  If you read The Earl’s Wallflower Bride, she was Warren (Lord Steinbeck)’s sister who pretended to be crazy in order to avoid her mother’s wrath.  Well, in The Reclusive Earl, she is going to actually believe she’s going crazy.  But I won’t spoil it by telling you why.  I will, however, reassure you that she’ll end up just fine and happy with the hero.

I am planning to add more books to this series, but I don’t have the ideas for them yet.  Right now the other series are taking up my main focus.

I also started Forced Into Marriage

(Please note: I had to push back the release date on His Auctioned Bride in order to make room for this, but I want to finish up the Pioneer Series before I move on to a new one.)

This is Book 4 in the Pioneer Series

(I’m not sure when this will be out, but I’ll have it up on pre-order soon.)


While writing Groom For Hire, I came across a character (Brandon Herman) who is helping Joe Otto lead the wagon train from Nebraska to California.  I was intrigued with his backstory (his wife left him for his best friend) and felt he had a compelling story to tell.

Unexpected tangent coming up…

This book is largely based off of my dissatisfaction with a couple of spaghetti westerns my husband subjected me to earlier this year.  There were two of them, and the plot lines were great.  I was rooting for the hero and heroine the whole way through and then the end came.  And guess what happened?  In one, the hero was arrested by the US Army and sent to prison (thereby not ending up with the heroine).  In another, both the hero and heroine died.  But…I guess the writers thought that was romantic because they died in each other’s arms.  Give me a break.  That isn’t romantic at all.  Romantic is when the two end up happily ever after.  Maybe spaghetti westerns all have sad endings.  I don’t know.  What I do know is that I’ll never watch another one.

So that is what I’m going to do with this book.  I’m going to take the premise of a white man being stranded out in the wilderness with a Native American woman (which back then would be an Indian).  But in my book, the two are forced to marry at the very beginning of the book, and the heroine is going to be pregnant.  She’s not going to know who the father is because there was a group of white men who pretty much used her at their leisure until they got tired of her (this was after raiding her village).  Yes, it is a sad beginning, but trust me, things will improve and there will be a happy ending.  Neither hero nor heroine will die.  They are going to fall in love, and better yet, they’re going to be able to end up together for the rest of their lives.

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