The Bride Price is Now Available!

I’m sorry I’m getting to this post so late. The book came out yesterday, but things were so hectic around my corner of the world. 🙂 It’s nothing bad. All I can say is that a mother’s job is never done.

So anyway, Sep’s story is finally out!


This is the first book in the Misled Mail Order Brides Series.

  • Book 1: The Bride Price – Sep’s story
  • Book 2: The Rejected Groom – Anthony (aka Tony) Larson’s story
  • Book 3: The Perfect Wife – Mark Larson’s story

In a nutshell, The Bride Price is about Angela who has some minor scars from a fire that has made her unappealing to the men back in her hometown. Her dream is to have children, and the only way that’s going to happen is if she gets married. She answers a mail-order bride ad. When she gets to Omaha, she quickly learns she’s been deceived. The man plans to sell her at an auction. Sep comes along to rescue her. He marries her, and just when everything seems to be going well, someone threatens to take Angela if he doesn’t pay up $300 to keep her.

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I’ve been looking to do his story ever since I finished Joel Larson’s story, Shotgun Groom.  Sep was the 14-year-old brother of the heroine in Shotgun Groom. He meant well, but he had a lot of issues to go through that Joel helped him with.

It was nice to finally do Sep’s story so I could show how far along Sep came in his maturity. Originally, I had planned for Angela to have a hand in helping Sep resolve the issue of the bride price he was demanded in this story, but given Sep’s past in Shotgun Groom, I realized this was something he needed to do himself. I had to show that he came to the place of maturity that, due to his age and proper upbringing, he lacked in Shotgun Groom. This was fun. I love working with characters who weren’t perfect in the past and showing how they changed.

I did bring Joel and April Larson and their children into The Bride Price because I wanted to show how that part of the Larson family is doing after all these years. I also brought in Sally and Rick (from Her Heart’s Desire), and Owen (from The Wrong Husband).

Angela wasn’t the only woman who came out to meet the man who had deceived her. Two other women did, too. I did this so I could also write stories for Richard and Amanda Larson’s two twin boys. Anthony (aka Tony) Larson gets Book 2 and Mark Larson gets Book 3. I am introducing their little sister Annabelle in Book 2. (I’m about 1/4 of the way into Book 2 right now.) I haven’t decided if she’s going to be a part of this series or not, but I would like to. I would need a suitable plot that involves being a misled mail order bride somehow to make it work. I have an idea, but we’ll see how things pan out as I continue through the series.

I’m really enjoying Book 2 and am excited about how the series is going to continue to develop. Lots of fun stuff is coming ahead!

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