It’s a Tie (So I’ll Work On Both Books)

Before I get into the post, I should mention that One Enchanted Evening is now available.

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I have so much going on that I had to include that in this post because I probably won’t be doing another blog post for a week or two. 🙂 I’m eager to get into writing the new books that I have started.

For a quick update on what I’m doing this year, I made a post on my newsletter blog.  (This post includes updates on The Imperfect Husband, Shane’s Deal, and Kidnapping the Viscount.)

Now to address the issue of how people voted in the last post.

What books I’ll be working on from now to June 1.

Between this blog and Facebook, the vote was a tie. I was surprised because last time I asked about two books, about 75% of people voted for a particular one. But the tie is a good thing. It means there’s an interest in both books, and I’m happy about that.

Thank you to everyone who voted. I appreciated hearing from you!

Okay, so my plan is going to be to write four books. I’ve already started them, and they are Nelly’s Mail Order Husband, Forever Yours (Dave and Mary’s third story), The Wedding Pact, and Fairest of Them All (that was the Regency I put at Option 2 in the last post).

I’ve figured out how I’m going to work on four books at a time.

I’m not going to deal with word counts like I used to do. Instead, I’m going to go by time limits on how long I work in each book for the day. I’m going to give one hour to each book on regular school days when I have that large block of time with peace and quiet in my house. So no matter how much or how little I write in the story, I’m going to quit when I hit the hour mark.

I’m going to also give myself four and a half months to work on all four books. I usually finish three books in about three and a half months’ time if I start and finish them all at the same time. The extra month will allow me to go at a slower pace on all books.

I think the new plan is doable. I’ll take the summer off from writing, but I’ll continue on with publishing and edits. Then come this fall when the kids are back in school, I’ll go back to writing.

Thanks again for telling me which book you wanted to read most!

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9 Responses to It’s a Tie (So I’ll Work On Both Books)

  1. Susan A Layton says:

    You work at the pace that is right for you. I love reading your books but I don’t want you to kill yourself to get them written. I for one can wait when I need to.

    • If I cut out a lot of social media, I can make it happen. Social media takes out about two hours of my day if I’m not mindful of my time. Facebook is especially dangerous because of the cute memes and pictures. I call that the “time suck” place. 😉 Authors are told to engage on social media on a regular basis in order to stay relevant, but to be honest, I’d rather use that time to write. The writing part has never worn me out. Social media does. So I’m staying off of Facebook for a while unless I need to address something over there.

  2. Good luck! At least you won’t be under all the pressure you’ve been under in the past. Just write and enjoy it!

    • Yep. I know I can do it because I was able to do an average of 3500 words a day and have a spare hour or two left over while I was writing in December. The key is passion about the work. The only time writing is draining for me is when my heart isn’t fully in it. I don’t know how anyone can write to market and keep up their enthusiasm.

  3. Bonnie Schuster says:

    Yay! Looking forward to them!!! ❤️ ya!

  4. If I had been in your position, I would’ve flipped a coin and gone with whether I was happy or sad with the result after such a tie.

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