Fairest of Them All is Now Available!

This is one of my all-time favorites. 🙂 It’s exactly what I intended for a gothic romance to be. It has a strong romance, a spooky feel, and plenty of suspense.

fairest of them all ebook cover

This is Book 4 in the Marriage by Fairytale Series.

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Here’s the description:

A duke who has imprisoned himself in an attic for nine years is in need of a wife…

Evander Meyrick, the Duke of Sutherton, has lived the past thirteen years under a curse. He didn’t know just how bad the curse was until every lady he married died within a year of their wedding day. Now he has a step-daughter, Tabitha, who is ready for her first Season, and he longs to give her something he can’t have for himself: a normal life.

A spinster who thought her best years were behind her may find a second chance so long as the curse doesn’t touch her…

At thirty-four, Miss Viola Keane is well past her prime. Having gone through three failed Seasons, she had resigned herself to never knowing the joys of marriage and children. Instead, she focused her attention on her family.

Shortly after her brother’s death, however, she finds out her family doesn’t have any money. When she learns that the Duke of Sutherton is offering a sizable sum of money to any lady who’s willing to marry him, she jumps at the opportunity to become his wife.

The notion of a curse doesn’t scare her. She, after all, doesn’t buy into such superstitious nonsense. But since her new husband and step-daughter are convinced the curse is real, she abides by the strange rules he lays out for her.

He wasn’t planning to fall in love again…

Evander only intended to spend enough time with Viola to discuss her role as Tabitha’s step-mother. But it’s been a long time since he’s had a meaningful conversation with another person, and something about her reminds him of what his life was like before the curse ruined his life.

Dare he take the chance of opening himself up to her and potentially risk losing another wife, or should he keep his distance in order to keep her safe?

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Special note about Payhip: I was originally going to offer 50% for the Payhip coupon, but Kobo US and Canada is running a Labor Day sale which has lowered the price of The Wedding Pact temporarily to $0.99. This also impacted the price of The Wedding Pact on other retailers. Since those of you who used Payhip to buy The Wedding Pact paid $1.99 for it, I didn’t feel it right to only offer 50% off of Fairest of Them All with this coupon. That’s why I’m making the coupon good for 75%. With the sales price, it’s $1.00. (That’s as close as I could get to $0.99.) Be sure to use the coupon when checking out at Payhip! 🙂

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