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It’s been a while since I made one of these posts, so I thought I’d do it now. 🙂

Forever Yours is up on pre-order for anyone who wants to reserve their copy today.

Adobe Photoshop PDF

Click here for the pre-order page on this site.

It’ll come out November 2.

When I put it up on pre-order in September, November 2 seemed like such a long way off. Now I think I need to make the blog post announcing it’s up before I blink and November 2 passes me by. 😛 Time has only seemed to speed up since I started homeschooling my kid.

Anyway, this is Dave and Mary Larson’s third and final book. This gives a nice completion to their overall story. I’m glad I wrote it. It was nice to see a light-hearted look at their life after all the drama I put them through.

The rewrite of The Stagecoach Bride is finally here!

I don’t know how many of you remember this book:

The Stagecoach Bride ebook cover

But this is the rewrite of it:

The Outlaw's Bride ebook cover2

This will be out in January.

The basic plot is the same. The heroine is on the run from having to marry a ruthless man when a group of outlaws rescue her from ending up with a man who’s even worse. I don’t want to say more than that in case someone never read The Stagecoach Bride. But I took the entire book and rewrote it. I got rid of some characters. I changed some characters. I deleted some events and added other events. Stephannie Beman allowed me free reign to do whatever I wanted, so I did.

This is the start of the Wyoming Series. I have plans to make three books after this one. I already started Book 2, which is The Rancher’s Bride.

Special note: Since some of you have bought and read The Stagecoach Bride, I don’t think it’s fair that you should have to pay for this book, too. So when this book comes out, I’ll be offering a special coupon so you can get this book for free. But that coupon will only be good on Smashwords and on Payhip. AND I will only be putting this coupon on this blog and on my newsletter blog, I’ll also only be offering the special offer for a week or two.


These are the books I’m currently writing:

Breaking The Rules new ebook cover2  The Duke's Secluded Bride ebook cover  The Rancher's Bride ebook cover 2

I haven’t made much progress in any of these because I’ve been adjusting from one homeschool plan to another. As of today, my kid and I are now on track with everything, so I’m hoping I can get back to writing this upcoming week. *fingers crossed*

I’m sure I’ll get more into the progress of those three books as the next couple of months go on.

Idea for a Future Book

While I was getting things switched in the homeschool arena, the idea for Book 2 in the Marriage by Design Series came to me, and as luck had it, I found the perfect pre-made cover for it on Period Images, so I grabbed it before anyone else could.

This book follows Breaking the Rules, which is shown above. Once I finish Breaking the Rules, I plan to go into this book.

Nobody's Fool ebook cover5

This will be a cute and fun one to write. In Breaking the Rules, Lilly tells a certain geeky gentleman, Benjamin, that her friend, Emilia, had been talking about him the other day. She didn’t mean for Benjamin to assume Emilia was in love with him, but that’s exactly what he concluded, and as I’m writing Breaking the Rules, poor Emilia now has to marry him because her father’s happily arranged behind her back.

By the time we time we get to Nobody’s Fool, it’ll be Emilia’s wedding day, and she’s made a vow that she’ll do everything possible to dissuade Benjamin from falling in love with her so that she might be fortunate enough to live in a separate townhouse from him for the rest of her life. Being that this is a romance, things won’t go as she plans, of course, but I expect it to be so much fun to see what antics she comes up with in order to be as unattractive a wife as possible. It’s times like this I wish I could write more than three books comfortably at a time. But I can only manage three, so I’ll be good and wait.

Changed Two Covers on Older Books

From time to time, I have to go in and tend to the garden of my backlist. These are the latest two I have updated to give the books a more professional look. I have a few more I want to get to, but that will have to wait for now. I can only do a little at a time. Over the years, I have also updated the formatting for the ebooks. Progress is slow, but it does happen.

Here’s the old cover for Catching Kent:

catching kent ebook

Here’s the new one:

Catching Kent new ebook cover

Here’s the old cover for Meant To Be:

meant to be new ebook cover 3

Here’s the new one:

Meant To Be new ebook cover

So that’s it on the writing front for now. I really hope I can get back to writing because a part of me is getting antsy. Unless I’m on a planned vacation, I get restless if I go without writing for a few days, and right now, we’re going on about two weeks. It’ll be good to get back into a routine that involves me being able to write for a couple of hours 4-5 days a week.

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