Updates on What I’m Doing

The new covers for the books in the Wyoming Series is here!

Old covers:

New covers:

Now no one can pick up the book thinking they are getting a book without sex in it. When someone assumed I was writing Amish romances based on the original cover for The Fugitive’s Bride, I knew I had to update the covers. I have no interest in writing Amish romances. I like my romances spicy.

I plan to keep these covers for the Regency Series I’m currently working on (Marriage by Design Series) because I love them…

…but all future covers I do will now convey to people unfamiliar with my books that I write romances that have sex in them. I figure Breaking the Rules lets people know there is sex in the book, but the other two might possibly give mixed messages. I love these covers, so I’m keeping them. I love all of my old covers, so I’ll keep those, too. (I do, however, want to eventually update Loving Eliza, Bid for a Bride, and Bride of Second Chances.) I’m happy with all of the other covers.

I have an Author Page on MeWe!

I have left Facebook, and I am MUCH happier now. If you happen to be on MeWe and would like to connect on my page, here’s the link: https://mewe.com/p/ruthannnordinsbooks.

Writing progress!

This is Book 2 of the Wyoming Series. Book 1 is The Outlaw’s Bride.

The Rancher’s Bride is fully edited now. I need to get it formatted and uploaded. I hope to get it done this weekend. The official release date is June 27.

This book bridges the events from The Outlaw’s Bride to The Fugitive’s Bride. This book starts the night our heroes rescued the two-year-old Lloyd. As you’ll recall, Abby ended up taking him, and no one knew what happened to them, so we’re left wondering if Abby and Lloyd are okay. This is her romance, so naturally, they’re fine, but she does sustain an injury that requires a doctor’s attention. As luck would have it (because I happen to be the author of this book), Thayne was a doctor during the Civil War. He no longer performs surgery because of the psychological effects the war left on him. Meanwhile, Wade is stuck at his hideout, and since he was also injured, he can’t search for Abby and Lloyd. Jeremiah does the search for him. There are a lot of serious moments in this book, but I also balanced them out with Thayne’s ten-year-old niece who says the darndest things at the worst possible times. When things get to be too depressing in a book, I like to boost things up with some humor.

This is Book 3 of the Wyoming Series. (This is the last book in the series.) Book 1 is The Outlaw’s Bride. Book 2 is The Rancher’s Bride.

I’m over the halfway point, and I’m going to be sad to see this book end. Of the three, this one is my favorite. The whole series is one of my top favorites. The Nebraska and South Dakota Series are my top favorites, and now this one is right there with them. There’s an emotional connection I’ve felt for all of these characters, and my favorite couple of the three books in the Wyoming Series is Wade and Millie. From The Outlaw’s Bride, we’re introduced to both characters.

Wade is bitter brother who wants nothing more than to kill Charles because Charles killed his wife, kidnapped his son, and stole his ranch. He has a lot of issues to work through, and it has been fun to watch him evolve from someone who is embedded in bitterness into someone who lets that destructive emotion so he can truly love and have joy again. Millie was Lillian’s traveling companion at the very beginning of The Outlaw’s Bride. Charles had abducted her from the stagecoach because he needed a woman to take care of Lloyd. At the end of The Outlaw’s Bride, Wade rescued her from Charles while he was rescuing Lloyd. So that’s how she ends up at the hideout with him. Millie is Wade’s perfect match. She’s compassionate, but she’s no doormat. Sparks fly between them, and that has made the romance portion of the book so much fun.

As a side note: I’m not writing a book for Jeremiah. Jeremiah does get his happy ending, but his doesn’t require a romance to make that happen.

I don’t know if I should publish this in August or wait until October like I had originally planned. Right now, Nobody’s Fool is slotted for August. It all depends on how much interest there is for The Rancher’s Bride.

This is Book 2 in the Marriage by Design Series. Book 1 is Breaking the Rules.

Poor Emilia is having the hardest time convincing the very besotted (and geeky) Benjamin that they would be better off living in separate townhouses. A wife has never had more trouble getting her new husband to fall out-of-love with her. She’s tried being a wallflower, being argumentative, and being a spendthrift, but so far, to her bewilderment, nothing has worked. This is a cute romantic comedy. I realize people are going to immediately root for Benjamin because he is such a sweet hero, but our heroine will need some convincing of it, which is what the book is all about. The “book” most of the gentlemen in my Regencies receive makes its way into this one. I know some of you enjoy it when that book pops up, so I thought I’d mention it.

This is Book 3 in the Marriage by Design Series. This is the last book in the series. Book 1 is Breaking the Rules. Book 2 is Nobody’s Fool.

This book has been a lot of fun to write. This is the classic battle of wills setup. Aaron is the hero, and we learn in Breaking the Rules that his mother had several affairs and children from those affairs. It’s made him bitter toward marriage, and he assumes all ladies are like his mother. With that background, you know he’s not going to be happy to be tricked into marriage. Our heroine had hoped to be unmarried forever, so she’s not exactly happy to be married, either. She, however, was willing to give the marriage a chance. And then he hired a chaperone to watch over her at all times. When I say “all times”, I mean “all THE time”. Our poor heroine can’t get a moment alone. He refuses to take the risk she’ll have someone else’s child.

But she’s not one to take things lying down. She hires a chaperone to watch him, saying she won’t have him siring a bunch of children with other ladies, either. From there, the battle of wills only intensifies, and at the moment, our poor heroine has been forced to wear gray dresses from the top of her neck all the way down to her ankles because our hero can’t bring himself to admit he’s attracted to her fiery spirit (and her beauty), so he is determined to snuff out anything that tempts him to cave. She’s not so tempted by him at the moment, though I’m sure she’ll figure out a way to him as uncomfortable as the restricting dresses are making her.

I’m laughing a lot while writing this. If you like my type of humor, you’ll enjoy this book. It’s a solid romantic comedy. I have no idea how these two will finally kiss, but I’m looking forward to finding out.

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