The Rancher’s Bride is Now Available! (This time the post is published on the correct day. Sorry about the confusion, everyone.)

This is Abby’s romance.

This is Book 2 in the Wyoming Series. (The Fugitive’s Bride will finish the series, and that will be out August 29.)

A quick background into this book…

At the end of The Outlaw’s Bride, our main characters in this series rescued two-year-old Lloyd. Abby was the one who rode off on a horse with him, but no one knew where she went. So that part of the series plot went unanswered. In The Rancher’s Bride, I pick up what happened to Abby and Lloyd.

I’m going to assume everyone read The Outlaw’s Bride, so I don’t have to rehash that story, but if you haven’t, it is available for free on all retailers now.

What you can expect in this book….

The Rancher’s Bride begins with Abby and Lloyd being pursued by one of Charles’ men. In the process, she’s injured. Despite sustaining the injury, she manages to find a barn on a remote ranch where she and Lloyd hide.

On this particular ranch, there happens to be our hero who was a doctor in the Civil War. He’s now in the Wyoming Territory, and he’s raising his orphaned ten-year-old niece. It turns out this girl has been praying for a woman to come along so her uncle can get married, and she is convinced that Abby and her uncle are meant to be together. So, to help things along, she plays matchmaker. This is the humorous side of the story.

But there’s the serious side of the story as well. We have Wade who is suffering from the gunshot wound he received that night they rescued Lloyd. He took the bullet out, but now he has an infection from it. Jeremiah goes out to search for Abby and Lloyd, and it turns out he’s on the trail of Charles’ men who are also looking for Abby and Lloyd. There’s one particular scene that is tragic, but I won’t say what it is since I don’t want to spoil the book. These scenes with Wade and Jeremiah gives The Rancher’s Bride a gritty western feel to it.

So this is a mix between romantic comedy and gritty western. I don’t think I’ve ever done a book like this before. The gritty side is similar to Brave Beginnings in the Native American Romance Series where I went into some dark territory with my characters. Unlike Brave Beginnings, I had no outright comical moments where you laugh out loud. The humor in this story is similar to the humor in The Wrong Husband and A Groom for Hire.

Where you can get this book…

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  1. Congratulations on the new book! Hope it does well.

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