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Interview for a Wife (Nebraska Prairie Series: Book 3)

This will wrap up the books in the Nebraska Prairie Series:

20200920_ThePurchasedBride  20200921_TheBridesChoice  20200917_interviewforawife3

I’m currently debating whether to leave in a particular scene or cut it out before I finalize this book. What I think I’ll do is edit the scene out and read it over to see if I like it better or not. My goal is to get this finished by August 1.

I’ll have this ready by September 25.

The Cursed Earl (Marriage by Necessity Series: Book 2)

These are the books in the Marriage by Necessity Series:

A Perilous Marriage new cover 4 the-cursed-earl-mbn-2 Heiress of Misfortune MBN 3 ebook cover

I originally thought I might make a Book 4 to add in this series, but I would rather have Lord Quinton, whom I introduced in this book, as the hero for the next Regency series I’m going to do. His story will be much better there. So Heiress of Misfortune will finish up this series.

The plan is to get The Cursed Earl out in November. I was hoping to bump that up to October, but there’s been so much going on around here that it’s not going to be possible. The good news is that I hit the 40,000 word mark today, and I know where I’m going in the story. That helps to make things move along.

The Loner’s Bride (Wyoming Series: Book 4)

Books in the Wyoming Series:

theoutlawbridefinalebookcover TheRanchersBrideFinal3 thefugitivesbride2 The Loner's Bride ebook cover

I am steadily moving along in this one. I got to 22,000 words in this today. That means I’m probably only 1/4 of the way in. This one is due out in January. I have to admit that I was intimidated as I got started in this book. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get Jeremiah and Katie to be attracted to each other, but I’m happy to say that this turned out to be easier than I expected. Katie was attracted to him right away, and after watching him teach some of the orphans how to set traps, she got to see how much he knows about survival and how well he works with kids. Now she’s determined to marry him. (And if you read The Rancher’s Bride, you know Katie is the kind of character who keeps going after what she wants until she gets it.)

Now I just need to get an idea of how I can get Jeremiah to overcome his reluctance to be with her because of their age difference. He’s convinced that Katie is better off with someone close to her age, so even though it’s bothering him, he is acting as her chaperone while she meets the bachelors in town.

On another note, the widows, who are helping with the orphans, are a hoot in this story. I think they might provide some comedy along the way. And who knows if they’ll help “nudge” Jeremiah toward Katie? That would be a lot of fun.

Suitable for Marriage (Husbands for the Larson Sisters Series: Book 3)

Books in the Husbands for the Larson Sisters Series:

Nelly's Mail Order Husband for website Perfectly Matched Ebook smaller suitable-for-marriage-book-3-ebook-smaller  Book 4 To Be Placed Here

I finally got to the point where Erin is starting to like Alex, although she doesn’t realize it yet. I have some things to do before she’s ready to admit it. But in the meantime, things have been pretty funny. The humor in this one is more subtle than it was in Perfectly Matched.

I suspect Daisy (the youngest sister of this bunch) is going to end up helping Alex get Erin, which would be a fun since her goal at first is to help Erin get Alex to find someone else so he’ll leave Erin alone. Though Daisy isn’t a main character in either this book or Perfectly Matched, she’s turning into one of my favorite characters. She just says whatever is on her mind, and it cracks me up. I have no idea if she’ll be this fun as a main character when it’s her turn to have a romance, but she’s been great as a secondary character, even if she is a little conceited.

My plan is to have this out in March. At the moment I’m 26,000 words into this book. I figure that I’m nearing the halfway point. Things are going to start turning in Alex’s favor pretty soon.

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