The Cemetery Audiobook (October Spooky Story #4)

Illustration 197598741 © Jumpoth Satiranunt | (Text added by me)

It’s time for another fun story for the Halloween season!

Joel accepts a dare to spend an entire night in a cemetery, only to realize he’s been there before.

I know some people prefer Rumble and Bitchute, but I am having the hardest time getting WordPress to post the video directly on this post from Rumble or Bitchute. I managed to do it before, but I can’t figure it out this morning. The only one that is working for me is You Tube. If anyone has any idea on how to get Rumble or Bitchute to “take” over here, let me know.

The video is on Rumble at this link.

The video is on Bitchute at this link.

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