The Path To Christmas on Audio

To celebrate Christmas, I thought I’d create an audiobook version of the short play I wrote years ago. This particular play had its origins in An Inconvenient Marriage.

The book that inspired the play…

For those of you who’ve read An Inconvenient Marriage, you’ll remember a scene where Jake Mitchell is watching a play written by the heroine’s younger brother. I only gave snippets of the play in the book because the focus was on Jake getting increasingly annoyed by the men who were starting to take an interest in the heroine.

I don’t remember the year, but someone who read An Inconvenient Marriage asked me if I had the entire play written down. She thought it would be something her church might be interested in performing for their Christmas production. I hadn’t considered writing the whole thing out, but I was honored someone would want to take the play and have it performed in a church, so I wrote the whole thing out and sent it her way. Then I published it.

This year, I thought I’d make an audiobook out of it. It’s short. It turned out to be about 7.5 minutes. I uploaded it to You Tube, Rumble, and Bitchute for your listening pleasure. The banner I made for the video turned out blurry. I apologize for that. Next time I’ll work with a larger template when creating my banners.

Below I am pasting the words to this play. I did make some minor changes in the audiobook version. I decided to go with “spirits” instead of “temptations”, though I did make an error in keeping the last name of the spirit, naming it “temptation” instead of “doubt”. I also mistakingly told Craig that the last angel to speak was Angel #2 instead of Angel #1. Since I didn’t get around to uploading the video until Christmas Eve, the mistake will just have to stay in the audiobook.

Here’s the play if you want to read it:

Plot:  Six children leave home to find their way to the true meaning of Christmas.  The angel tells them not to stray from the path or they will get lost.

(It is sunset.  Six children stand at the edge of a forest.  An angel is with them.)

Angel #1 (Instruction)

On this journey you are about to employ,

Is a journey meant for every girl and boy;

Be on your guard in case you stray,

For six temptations might lead you away.

If you venture off this path that was set,

The goal you seek, it will not be met;

For the meaning of this season is not known,

Until you walk this way on your own.

All Children

We will not be led astray,

On this path, we promise to stay

(Angel #1 leaves the stage.  Children walk into the forest.  They come to the first path on their right.)

Temptation #1 (Fearful Dread)

Thomas, incline to me your ear,

For I see that you are standing here;

Look, the sun, another day is gone,

And darkness will now linger on;

Must you walk this place at night,

When terrors await to give you fright?


The night is long, I do admit,

And I do tremble a bit;

Your way glows with warmth and light,

I will return come daylight.

(Fearful Dread and Thomas leave the stage.  The five remaining children continue to walk until they reach another path on their left.)

Temptation #2 (Greedy Eyes)

Anna, may I inquire as to your desire,

Now, tell the truth, be not a liar.


I have come to find the mystery of the season,

I have come here for no other reason.

Temptation #2 (Greedy Eyes)

To tell the truth, you did do,

But I know what is troubling you;

Should you not seek your own pleasure?

For on my path is a toy box of treasure.


Your path is most delightful, I admit,

Maybe I was hasty to not consider it.

Temptation #2 (Greedy Eyes)

I’ve got shiny, brand new toys,

Toys for girls and toys for boys;

Come and stay, stay and play,

You can walk this path another day.

(Greed and Anna leave the stage.  The four remaining children continue to walk until they reach another path on their right.)

Temptation #3 (Lazy Time)

Tell me this, little Claire,

Who did tell you to beware,

The joy of sleep where dreams await?

Come with me now, for the hour is late.


I do confess my eyes are falling,

And I hear the Sandman calling;

With you, Lazy Time, I will go,

Show me the way to your pillow.

(Lazy Time and Claire leave the stage.  Angel #2 appears to the remaining three children.)

Angel #2 (Warning)

Behold three are lost who started this way,

Who now has the wisdom to stay?

The three remaining children:

We will stay on the path that was set,

We promise that we shall not forget;

Though temptation comes our way,

We do possess the wisdom to stay.

Angel #2 (Warning)

Beware the temptations, for they are not your friends,

They will lure you from the path’s end;

For they know the path leads to happiness and joy,

And it matters not if you are a girl or a boy.

(Angel #2 leaves the stage.  The three children continue their walk.  It is in the middle of the night.  They come to another path on the left.)

Temptation #4 (Guilty Conscience)

You may have fooled them, but you didn’t fool me,

I know all your secrets, my deceitful Jeffrey;

Your heart is filled with misdeeds, great and small,

I know them each, I know them one and all.


It is true. I am not worthy to walk this way,

My sins do haunt me night and day;

I am not worthy of the knowledge that awaits,

Not when the night is dark and the hour is late.

(Guilty Conscience and Jeffrey leave the stage.  The two children continue to walk until they reach a path on the left.  It will soon be dawn.)

Temptation #5 (Wishful Thinking)

Oh good Samantha, I do so wish you’d come,

Turn this way for great cheer and fun;

Your friends are calling you from over there,

To continue this path, you should not care.


I do confess, I feel great despair,

That none of my friends are with me here;

Yes, with you, I will go around the bend,

I care not to find how this path ends.

(Wishful Thinking and Samantha leave.  One child is left and comes to a path on the right.)

Temptation #6 (Doubt)

Jesse, I hear your footsteps on the leaves,

What brings you here this Christmas Eve?


I come seeking the meaning that eludes me,

I wish to know the answer behind the mystery.

Temptation #6 (Doubt)

Such an answer you will not find,

The angel you spoke to was most unkind;

He promised something that isn’t true,

Come with me and I’ll comfort you.


Though you cast doubts on my heart,

I will finish the path that I did start;

Go your way for I will not turn aside,

Though there is now no one by my side.

(Doubt leaves the stage, and Jesse finishes the path to find a baby in a manger with Mary and Joseph and shepherds.  It is dawn.)

Angel #1 (Instruction)

Now find the answer that you sought,

Your journey hasn’t been for naught;

Behold the child when he is thirty-three,

Will go to the cross at Calvary;

And on the cross He will die to rise again,

Lord and King, He will cleanse all sin.

At Christmas we celebrate His birth,

Praise Him all you that breathe on the Earth.

(The curtain falls.  The play has ended.)

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