Daisy’s Prince Charming is Now Available!

This is the last book in the Husbands for the Larson Sisters Series.

And I’m going to miss writing about this particular family. These sisters were so much fun to work with. Sometimes the dynamic between characters just sparks, and this is one of those series. For the Regencies, I feel that spark with Ethan and Christopher, which is why I keep bringing them back whenever possible. For historical westerns, Tom and Joel were my two personal favorite characters to bring together in the Nebraska Series. In this series, all of the sisters were equally fun to work with. I can honestly say that this is one my personal favorite series.

What this book is about:

This is a cute romantic comedy that was partially inspired by the “frog turns into a prince” fairy tale. This story starts with a trip to Lewistown, Montana. Remember the Montana Collection?

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I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked if I ever wrote about Rachel Larson or Eva Connealy, but I have. Since I bring these two characters back in Daisy’s Prince Charming, I’m making a special mention of it in this post. Eva and Rachel get their happily ever afters in Boaz’s Wager.

Daisy’s Prince Charming happens shortly after Boaz’s Wager in my “historical western” timeline. So if you haven’t read Boaz’s Wager yet and want some backstory on Eva and Rachel, that’s the book to pick up.

Daisy’s Prince Charming starts with Daisy, her mother Jessica, her aunt Mary Larson, and Eva’s mother Margaret going to Lewistown to pay Eva and Rachel a visit. Daisy and Eva are best friends; hence why Daisy is tagging along for the ride. Jessica is there because she’s best friends with Margaret and friends with Mary. (If you’ve read all of my books, Mary is from Eye of the Beholder, To Have and To Hold, and Forever Yours. Jessica is from A Bride for Tom, and Margaret is from A Husband for Margaret. So there is some overlap between the series at play.)

Anyway, while they are in Montana, there’s this ranch hand names Otis Mills who takes an immediate liking to Daisy. (I did briefly introduce Otis in Boaz’s Wager. He almost won the race that would have allowed him to marry Eva. Boaz won the race instead. I always felt sorry for poor Otis, so I thought I’d give him his happy ending in Daisy’s story since the timeline happens to match up.)

Daisy has her idea of the ideal man, and Otis doesn’t fit it. If you read Suitable for Marriage, you’ll know what I mean. Daisy does her best to gently let all of the men in Lewistown know she’s not interested in them, but Otis is a bit clueless, though he’s very sweet. He ends up believing she wants to marry him, so after she returns to Nebraska, he shows up at her door, ready for marriage.

I’m not going to say any more than that because I’ll spoil the book. It’s a cute romantic comedy.

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