I am now making audiobooks!

If you see an audiobook that is NOT listed here, it was put up by a thief. I am trying to get all of the stolen audiobooks removed, but this thief had a head start on me. Please do NOT buy any stolen copies! This will only encourage the thief to keep stealing from innocent authors.

Don’t see a retailer you buy audiobooks from? Please let me know in the comments, and I’ll see if I can add it. There are 43 places out there, and I wasn’t sure which ones to go with, so I picked the ones I’m familiar with.

Click on the series you’re interested in. (I’ll be adding more books and series as time goes on.)


Marriage by Fairytale Series

These have a gothic feel to them, but they are within the Regency/Victorian time period, and they all have happily ever after endings.

tmc-audiobook-cover One Enchanted Evening audiobook cover The Wedding Pact audiobook cover fairest-of-them-all-audiobook-cover the-dukes-secluded-bride-audiobook-cover

Historical Western Romances

Coming Soon