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Greg Wilson Rebels And Patty Dixon Comes In With a Reply

Greg: There is no way Patty’s Gamble can be construed as a romance. Ruth Ann Nordin is warped in the head. What she’s done is created a horror novel and (lucky me), I’m in it.  If I make it out … Continue reading

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Just One Chapter Away From Finishing Boaz’s Wager (Featuring Boaz Grady, Patty Dixon, Eva Conneally, Richard Larson)

And thank goodness! I tell you, Boaz has been such a pain to deal with for the past month. I can’t recall having such a difficult time working with any character ever since Dave Larson “disappeared” after I refused to … Continue reading

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Interview with Boaz Grady (Hero in Boaz’s Wager)….With Eva Connealy Jumping In

While I’m rewriting portions of Boaz’s Wager, I thought I’d bring Boaz in for an interview to better understand his character. Boaz: What’s to understand? I thought I was pretty clear on what I wanted. Ruth:  Not really.  You seem … Continue reading

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