Contemporary Romance Anthology with Catherine Lynn

Please Note:  Barbara Joan Russell is my pen name. I have only done one sweet romance, and that was with my good friend, Catherine Lynn.  As of 2018, I’ll be expanding this pen name to include YA stories. One trilogy will be a YA Romantic Fantasy, but the other stories under that pen name will feature mostly YA Thrillers. You can find more information about that pen name by going here.

For romance, however, Barbara Joan Russell has this anthology with Catherine Lynn:

Bride By Design New Ebook Cover

Online Proposal by Barbara Joan Russell ~ Colleen O’Hara’s friend is playing matchmaker. Not only is her friend tossing her a bridal bouquet, but she has the perfect man in mind for her to marry. All she needs is Colleen’s permission to give Mr. Perfect her email address.

And Drake Reed sounds wonderful. So wonderful, in fact, Colleen accepts his online proposal. But before vows are exchanged, she will visit him. Unfortunately, there’s one small snag preventing her from her happy ending. And that snag happens to be someone he used to have a crush on in high school.


Tristan’s Redemption by Catherine Lynn ~ Maggie O’Hara lands a job in New York City with a popular bridal design shop. When she arrives there, she finds it to be very different from her small town in Tennessee. She’s surprised when a homeless man sitting on the sidewalk asks her for money. There’s something different about this man, something intriguing. Is there more to him than meets the eye?

Tristan West has been homeless for a while, his tragic past haunting him every day. When a sweet, dark-haired girl gives him money, he doesn’t realize his life is about to change.

Will Maggie be able to save Tristan from himself? Will Tristan be able to save Maggie from a more tangible threat? The answers will be revealed in Tristan’s journey to redemption.

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