The Stagecoach Bride (Co-Authored with Stephannie Beman)

I have signed over the rights to this book and future books under the Wild Hearts Series to Stephannie Beman, so I won’t be writing any more of these.

Here’s Stephannie Beman’s website for more information on this series.

The Stagecoach Bride

The Stagecoach Bride new ebook cover

When Lillian Christian headed out to Wyoming to be a mail-order bride, the last thing she expected was for a group of bandits to kidnap her and hold her for ransom.


Lillian Christian believed she left her troubles behind when she escaped Ohio and headed west to be the mail-order bride of Mr. Charles Gray. But her troubles are just beginning. Taken from the Stagecoach by a group of outlaws looking for Mr. Gray’s intended, she finds not everything is as it seems and no one is safe.

A simple rancher who just wants to be left alone, Mic, leader of the Nichols’ Boys Gang, is forced into the life of an outlaw and the distasteful act of kidnapping a woman. But he won’t let his honor stand in the way of protecting his family or helping the innocent woman whose life he’s destroyed. He’ll do what he has to in order to fix the mistakes of his past, and hopeful he’ll be the only one to pay the price.

(Stephannie Beman wrote this description.  I wish I did as good as she does at this. :D)

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2 Responses to The Stagecoach Bride (Co-Authored with Stephannie Beman)

  1. when would write on this series again.

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