Perfectly Matched (Husbands for the Larson Sisters: Book 2)

Due out March 27!

Tom and Jessica Larson’s four daughters are all grown up. The oldest is finally married. That means the other three are next.

Fortunately for them, Val’s friend, Jim Griffin, arrives to Omaha looking to get married. Patricia figures she should be the one to marry him since she’s the second oldest, but Erin is of marrying age, too, and Erin sees no reason why she should let this opportunity pass her by. With their father being reluctant to let them marry, Patricia needs to do everything possible to make sure Jim picks her. And the sooner she can do that, the better.

This cute romantic comedy features an overprotective father, two sisters who won’t give Jim a moment alone, and everyone who is eager to know which one he’s chosen.

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