Montana Romance Collection

Mitch’s Win

miitch's win

When Mitch Grady goes to a saloon to help his brother, he finds that his brother’s horse isn’t the only thing being offered in a poker game.  Heather Curtiss’ brother has bet her as well.  Vowing an innocent woman won’t be forced to give up her virtue to a disreputable gambler, Mitch joins the game.  With luck, he wins and frees Heather.

Seeing this as her chance to get away from her brother, Heather appeals to Mitch’s kindness.  She proposes marriage and offers to help him care for two children and his ailing mother.  He accepts, but Heather’s brother hasn’t gone away.  And Mitch might find that keeping her is going to take more than a poker game.

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Boaz’s Wager

boaz's wager with award

*This book won the Silver 2014 Global Ebook Award for the category Romance Fiction – Historical.

What Boaz Grady wants more than anything else is to have his children living with him.  But in order to get them back, he needs to marry a woman who’ll be their mother.

Eva Connealy left Omaha, Nebraska to be a school teacher.  While in Montana, her stagecoach is attacked, and the men decide to sell her.  While the men in Lewistown post bids for her, Boaz makes a wager of his own and wins the right to marry her.

Despite the shaky beginning, Boaz is sure she’ll adjust to her new life as his children’s mother.  But she wants to be more than a mother.  She also wants to be a wife and vows to figure out how to take their marriage of convenience into something much, much more.

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Patty’s Gamble

patty's gamble ebook cover

For as long as Patty Dixon can remember, she’s been in love with Greg Wilson.  The problem?  He doesn’t want to marry her.  In fact, he doesn’t want to marry anyone.  And all of her attempts to get his attention hasn’t worked.  Except, there’s one thing she hasn’t tried.

In a daring move, she stages a situation where he must rescue her.  Her ploy works, and she finally has the chance to show him that having a wife is just what he needs.  But Greg is proving to be harder to impress than she thought and all the fancy meals, beautiful dresses, and seductive maneuvers haven’t worked at all.

Is there any way she can secure her place in his life or has she just lost her gamble?

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Shane’s Deal (to be written)

shane's deal ebook cover

Madeline Thompson, the woman the outlaws were looking for at the beginning of Boaz’s Wager (Book 2 in the Montana Collection), has finally been caught. And they are holding her until the man who’s after her money comes to get her.

The only man who can save her is Marshal Shane Taft. After a quick marriage, he assumes the worst he has to look forward to is teaching his new bride how to adjust to living without the comforts she’s used to back East. But when it comes to money, nothing is ever so simple.

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