The Loner’s Bride (Wyoming Series: Book 4)

Katie Jackson is all grown up, and it’s time for her to find a husband. Though the young men have been coming by the orphanage where she is working, none of them catches her fancy. They all seem like they need to do a lot more growing up before they’re ready for the responsibilities of a wife and children. They’re all more like little brothers than serious prospects for marriage.

Then one day, a thought comes to her out of nowhere: if only they were more like Jeremiah Barlow who happens to be running the orphanage. And suddenly, she’s looking at the man who’s been a friend of her family in a whole new light. He’s perfect. Mature, kind, and gentle. Best of all, she’s attracted to him in a way she’s never been attracted to anyone before.

It’s not long before Jeremiah becomes aware of Katie’s interest in him. And worse, he’s just as interested in her. But it would never work. He’s twice her age. His best days are behind him.

Katie, however, is not one to give up. When she wants something badly enough, she’ll move heaven and earth to get it. And Jeremiah is on her list.

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