My Regency Romances

Click the link to each series to learn more about the books.

Marriage by Scandal Series

The Earl's Inconvient Wife new ebook cover A Most Unsuitable Earl new ebook cover  His Reluctant Lady new ebook cover  The Earl's Scandalous Wife New Ebook Cover

Standalone Regency

Her Counterfeit Husband smaller ebook new cover

(Chronologically, this book takes place right before A Most Unsuitable Earl which is above.  It, however, does not fit in with the Marriage by Scandal Series, so I made it a standalone novel.)


Marriage by Deceit Series

The Earl's Secret Bargain    Love Lessons with the Duke   Ruined by the Earl ebook cover   The Earl's Stolen Bride

Marriage by Arrangement Series

his wicked 1    Her Devilish Marquess ebook cover    20160322_His_Wallflower_Bride_ebook2

Marriage by Bargain Series

20160607_The_Viscounts_Runaway_Bride    20160709_The_Rakes_Vow   taming-the-viscount-ebook-cover   if-it-takes-a-scandal-ebook-cover

Marriage by Fate Series

The Reclusive Earl Ebook Cover Website  Married in Haste Ebook Cover for Website  make believe bride  The Perfect Duke Ebook Cover  Kidnapping the Viscount Ebook Cover

Marriage by Fairytale Series

The Marriage Contract new ebook cover  One Enchanted Evening ebook cover  The Wedding Pact ebook cover

6 Responses to My Regency Romances

  1. ERIS HYRKAS says:

    Hello Ruth Ann: I just finished your ‘Marriage By Arrangement’ Series and I loved it!! Next I will read ‘Fate’ and then ‘Bargain’. I will also look at ‘Scandal” and ‘Deceit’. I love your writing style and hope to read all your Regencies! I gave all three books in ‘Arrangement’ a Five-Star Rating and Review on Amazon. I’d love to hear back from you, if you have time.
    Your new fan, Eris Hyrkas

    • Well, thank you, Eris! That’s so lovely of you to say. Are you on Facebook? I have a private group where I hang out and chat about whatever is one people’s minds. Here’s the link: From time to time, I also like to find out what kinds of heroes and heroines people are in the mood to read about so I can better write my stories to please those who will read them. If it weren’t for people like you, I would have given up publishing books long ago. If you’re not on FB, are you on Twitter or Google Plus?

      • ERIS HYRKAS says:

        HI !! Thanks for writing back!! No, I am not on any chat stuff, only e-mail. I have now finished ‘Scandal’, ‘Deceit’, ‘Arrangement’, ‘Fate’ and am reading the last book in ‘Bargain’!! Once I got started, I got hooked. I posted Five-Star Reviews for ALL of them under ‘Bubba’s Girl’ on Amazon. I will watch for ‘Taming The Viscountess’, ‘If It Takes A Scandal’ and ‘The Earl’s Hasty Marriage’ (Married in Haste?). I love your writing style, the plot twists & turns, the strong, complex characters and, OF COURSE, the happy endings!!!! Your New Fan, ERiS

        • This page doesn’t get a lot of views on this blog, but I will remove your email for privacy concerns. I like to keep things private as much as I can. 🙂 I’ll send you an email.

  2. Miriam Lazusky says:

    I’ve been a fan of yours for some time now. David stole my heart and I’ve read everything else you have except the Regency books. Well I started last week and I’m about to start the Marriage by Bargain series. All the books are amazing and I really like the fact we still read about the past characters like Lord Edon and Mr Robinson. They are beautiful books and I can’t wait to read the rest.

    • Thank you! I think I get the most compliments on David. I wrote that story back in 2008, and at the time I wrote it, I kept thinking, “What would the ideal husband look like?” 🙂 So it’s nice when people say they enjoyed him!

      I’m glad you enjoy seeing past characters come up again in the Regencies. I have a soft spot for Elon and Robinson. They are my two personal favorites. I have a lot of fun writing them. I have those two featured in Taming The Viscountess. The hero of that book turned out to like them a lot. (Most of my Regency heroes aren’t too happy to have them around.) It was nice to have a hero who saw them in a positive light for a change. (After a while, the characters seem to be like real people. I don’t tell them what to do. They tell me what to write! LOL)

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