My Regencies Romances

Click the link to each series to learn more about the books.

Marriage by Scandal Series

The Earl's Inconvenient Wife ebook cover a most unsuitable earlHis Reluctant Ladythe earl's scandalous wife ebook cover


Standalone Regency

her counterfeit husband

(Chronologically, this book takes place right before A Most Unsuitable Earl which is above.  It, however, does not fit in with the Marriage by Scandal Series, so I made it a standalone novel.)


Marriage by Deceit Series

The Earl's Secret Bargain    Love Lessons with the Duke   Ruined by the Earl ebook cover   The Earl's Stolen Bride

Marriage by Arrangement Series

his wicked 1    Her Devilish Marquess ebook cover    20160322_His_Wallflower_Bride_ebook2

Marriage by Bargain Series

20160607_The_Viscounts_Runaway_Bride    20160709_The_Rakes_Vow   taming-the-viscount-ebook-cover   if-it-takes-a-scandal-ebook-cover

more to come in this series


Marriage by Fate Series

the-reclusive-earl-final-cover-2    more to come in this series

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