Breaking the Rules (Marriage by Design Series: Book 1)

Currently Expected Out June 27, 2020, but I hope to have it out sooner.

Remember Claire’s sister from The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife? This is her story! At long last, I’ll write about how Lilly was able to win Mr. Morris over after he gave up on her.

Breaking The Rules new ebook cover2

This is the first book in a brand new series! I don’t have the titles or covers for the other books yet.

This is a temporary book description:

A proper lady follows the rules. She lets the gentleman take the lead. She obeys her chaperone. She is soft spoken and careful in everything she says and does. She doesn’t intrude into a gentleman’s business. And she most certainly doesn’t become the object of scandal.

It’s too bad for Mr. Morris that Miss Lilly Lowell isn’t a proper lady.

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