Fairytale Regency Romances

These take place during the Regency time period. If you love Regencies and dark fairy tales (such as the ones found in the Grimm versions), these might be for you.

An Earl In Time (standalone)

Willow Knudson just inherited an English estate that she intends to sell. There are two problems. One, she’s unable to sign the contract, and two, she can’t even leave the property. She’s not superstitious by nature, but common sense tells her something strange is going on. Little does she realize, she’s inherited a place that comes with a curse that’s been around for two centuries.

In 1817, Julian Azazel, the Earl of Blackwell, went to the estate to tend to his father’s funeral. That evening a missive came from a stranger warning him that when the clock struck midnight he was going to be cursed to relive the same day. He laughed it off and threw the missive in the fire. Two centuries later, he’s stuck in an endless cycle of repeating June 17, 1817 over and over. He’s no longer laughing. The curse is very real. All he wants is a way to end it.

From before they were born, Willow and Julian were destined to end up meeting on June 17, 1817. An enchanted time portal has been set in place to allow Willow to step into the past.

Willow had assumed wealthy titled gentlemen would be snobs, but Julian is anything like she imagined. It turns out he’s the kindest person she’s ever met. And even better, he’s more attractive than he appeared in his portrait. It’s enough of a temptation to convince her to stay in the past forever.

At long last, the aching loneliness that has plagued Julian’s life for centuries is at an end. Not only is there someone who understands what he has been going through, but she’s far lovelier than he recalls any of the ladies in London being. But isn’t it selfish to ask a lady from another time to give up everything to live under a curse with him?

The path to happy endings can get complicated, especially when magic is involved.

This fairytale romance features a dark villain, a curse, fairies, a hero who is an earl from the Regency era, and a heroine from modern times. People who enjoy Grimm’s fairy tales and romance will enjoy this tale of true love conquering the darkest of curses.

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