Marriage by Fairytale

The Marriage Contract (Book 1)

The Marriage Contract new ebook cover

 On her wedding day, Patricia Cotter, the widowed Lady of Pruett, signed a contract agreeing to the following:

1. She would never look at her husband’s face.
2. She would never remove the sheets covering the mirrors.
3. She would never ask her husband about his past.

In return for doing these things, she will have a secure place for her unborn child and her worries will be over.  She has nothing to lose by agreeing to her husband’s terms.
Yes, she’s heard the rumors about Mr. Stephen Bachman.  He was said to have killed his first wife, though there is no proof condemning him of the crime.  He is aloof and never leaves his townhouse.  He is practically a prisoner in his own home.

But as she gets to know him, she begins to believe her husband isn’t the beast everyone’s made him out to be.  There just might be a gentleman worth loving beneath his hard exterior.  The questions is, can she get him to let go of the past so he can open himself up to the possibility of a fairytale romance?

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One Enchanted Evening (Book 2)

One Enchanted Evening ebook cover

Lewis Cotter, the Earl of Pruett, has just inherited his title, and his first order of business is to find a wife. He never thought he would need to get married, but after the death of his older brother, it’s up to him to secure the estate.

While he has to marry for money, he doesn’t want to marry just anyone. He wants a love match. But he doesn’t even know where to begin in finding the perfect bride. And worse, he has a terrible time being romantic. He doesn’t know the first thing about being a suitor.

His friend offers the perfect solution to his problem. He’ll host a masquerade ball and invite all of the available wealthy ladies in London to attend. Then, Lewis can meet them, and the masks will help Lewis overcome his shyness.

Miss Marcy Shoemark hadn’t originally planned to go to the ball. She’s a lady’s maid. She has no money to offer a prospective husband. But when she finds out the purpose of the masquerade ball is for Lewis to find a wife, she decides to attend it. She’s been secretly in love with him, and this is the one chance she has to get him to know her as a lady, not as a servant who’s out of his reach.

Her plan works. She manages to get his attention. But sooner or later, the masquerade has to end, and she has to reveal the fact that she’s only a servant. Will he still want to marry her once he discovers the truth? Or will he choose a wealthy lady who can secure his estate?

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The Wedding Pact (Book 3)

The Wedding Pact ebook cover

Miss Ophelia Crowe has lived a life where everything has been managed for her. From what she could wear to what activities she could do, each and every day has been carefully structured for her. Her parents had been wealthy, but they had died early in her life, leaving her in the care of a guardian she’s never met.

On her 21st birthday, her guardian comes to pay her a visit. The kind benefactor she had expected turns out to be anything but how she’d imagined, and he insists on marrying her, she runs away from the only home she’s ever known.

Vicar Julian Roskin has led a quiet life. Still young and inexperienced, he is content to manage a small parish. Then, late one night, his safe and predictable world is turned upside down when a beautiful young lady ends up on his doorstep in need of his protection. Protection, in this case, will require him to marry her.

Reason tells him not to do it, but her sweet and gentle spirit prompt him to agree to take her as his wife. What he doesn’t realize is that the very thing that compelled her to seek his protection is the very thing that could kill him.

Fairest of Them All (Book 4)


Evander Meyrick, the Duke of Sutherton, has lived the past thirteen years under a curse. He didn’t know just how bad it was until every lady he’s married died within a year of their wedding date. Now he has a step-daughter who is ready for her first Season, and he needs someone to act as her chaperone. Unable to leave the confines of his townhouse, his only recourse is to find another wife. And this time, he’ll do his due diligence to make sure he protects her from the curse.

Sure, it’s strange that her new husband requires her to only be in his presence when it’s completely dark in the room, but Miss Viola Keane isn’t one to be picky. After having three failed Seasons and learning her family is bankrupt, she had to take the Duke of Sutherton up on his offer as soon as she learned he was willing to pay the lady’s family a significant amount of money in exchange for taking the risk of marrying him.

But she can’t help but be curious about this supposed curse that has the Duke of Sutherton living like a hermit in the attic. He only allows her to see him if the room is completely dark, claiming the reason his other wives had died was because they looked at his face. The step-daughter and the servants are just as convinced the curse exists as he is. She, however, is convinced the curse isn’t real, and she’s willing to look at his face in order to prove it.