A Perilous Marriage (Marriage by Necessity: Book 1)

Mr. Charles Duff was there when his friend, the Duke of Jowett, married Miss Eris Tumilson. He was also there a couple of days later when his friend was buried. The newly widowed Duchess of Jowett has been found innocent of any crime, but Charles is convinced she poisoned his friend on her wedding night. The constable, however, doesn’t believe him.

It’s up to Charles to prove Eris did it, but there’s only one way he’s going to get close enough to find out the truth. He’ll need to convince her that he’s fallen in love with her. It’s a dangerous gamble. He’ll need to keep his wits about him at all times. He can’t afford to trust her. Because if he does anything as foolish as fall for her charms, he might very well be the next one to be buried.

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