Marriage by Obligation Series

I plan to write this series once I’m done with the Marriage by Necessity Series.

*These descriptions are temporary. I might change them if the stories change as I write them.

Secret Admirer (Marriage by Obligation Series: Book 1)

He loved her from afar, and she’s been out of his reach. Until now.

Lady Rachel, the daughter of the very wealthy and highly esteemed Duke of Creighton, has entered her first Season with great anticipation. She can’t wait to meet gentlemen. She can’t wait to wear beautiful gowns. She can’t wait to make new friendships. She just knows it’s going to be the most wonderful time of her life. When she starts receiving missives from a secret admirer, it turns out the Season is even better than she imagined. What lady, after all, can resist the appeal of a mysterious stranger expressing his deep and abiding love in her?

She sets out to enlist the help of an unlikely ally to find out who her secret admirer is. She knows it’s not appropriate to be discussing such personal information with the steward, but he is the only one she trusts to not tell anyone. Little does she realize the very one she’s confiding in is the very one she’s looking for. And there’s no way he’s telling her the truth since her father, and the rest of London, would never approve the match.

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Midnight Wedding (Marriage by Obligation Series: Book 2)

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Miss Ava Hamilton is desperate. She needs to secure a marriage to a wealthy gentleman, and she needs to do it fast. Enlisting the help of two cousins, she kidnaps the unwitting Lord Quinton as he’s coming home from a ball. Under ordinary circumstances, she would never force a gentleman to marry her, but these aren’t ordinary circumstances, and she’s tired of not having any control over her future.

Guy Milton, the Earl of Quinton, is not happy. It’s extremely bad luck to be kidnapped. Nothing good ever comes from it. Now doom is imminent. His kidnappers are going to kill him. He just knows it. That’s exactly what he gets for going out after dark.

But instead of killing him, he is forced to marry Ava. While one would think this would come as a welcome relief, such isn’t the case. Marriage under force by a lady with redheaded brothers means even worse luck. To make matters worse, they hurry him off to a country estate where he is confined to a place full of so much bad luck that he’s sure this is where he’ll die.

When Ava decided to kidnap a titled gentleman, she thought her biggest problem would be convincing him to get her with child. She didn’t think she’d have to convince him that he’ll live long enough to survive the task.

This is a romantic comedy with a superstitious hero, a heroine who needs a child, and an estate with a classic gothic feel to it.

The Duke’s Return (Marriage by Obligation Series: Book 3)

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Miles Cuthbert, the Duke of Augustine, left Lady Arabella on their wedding day. He did not ask for the marriage. His father had arranged it for him when he was a child, and he saw no reason why he should obey the contract of a dead gentleman. So he left her, and London. And he didn’t look back.

More to come on this one.