Standalone Regencies

At this point in time, I only have one standalone Regency novel.

Her Counterfeit Husband

It is said that “fortune favors the just”, but Anna, the Duchess of Watkins, wouldn’t agree. Her husband is dead, and in a desperate attempt to protect the estate and all its inhabitants from her unscrupulous brother-in-law, she concocts a simple plan: pretend her husband is still alive. But will it work?

Unable to pull it off alone, she enlists the help of her butler. They bury her husband in secret, and while returning from their unsavory errand, they find a man beaten and left for dead in the forest. Taking him back to the estate, Anna looks upon his face and sees the answer to her prayers. This man, this stranger with her husband’s face, could be her answer. Can she convince him to pretend to be the Duke of Watkins?

She can, because upon waking, the stranger doesn’t remember who he is or why he was beaten. A search for anyone who might know him proves fruitless, and taking the chance provided, Anna and the butler convince him that he is her husband. There is only one problem. While the stranger has her husband’s face, he is nothing like her husband. This stranger is everything she’s ever hoped for in a man and never thought to have.

But when he finds out the truth, her happy ending might never be realized.

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2 Responses to Standalone Regencies

  1. Loved the book 😙😘
    Wanted to ask if Candace, Anna’s friend will get her own story ?.

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