All Larson Books

If you love the Larson family and would like to know what books feature a Larson in it, here is a quick reference so you can find other Larson romances in my book catalogue. (I am doing this in chronological order.)

  • Wagon Trail Bride – this features Richard Larson
  • Her Heart’s Desire – this features Sally Larson
  • A Bride For Tom – this features Tom Larson
  • Eye of the Beholder – this features Dave Larson (with Mary)
  • The Wrong Husband – this features Jenny Larson
  • Shotgun Groom – this features Joel Larson
  • To Have And To Hold – this is a second Dave & Mary Larson book
  • Forever Yours – this is the third (and last) Dave & Mary Larson book
  • The Rejected Groom – this features Tony Larson (Richard’s son)
  • The Perfect Wife – this features Mark Larson (Richard’s son)
  • The Imperfect Husband – this features Annabelle Larson (Richard’s daughter)
  • Nelly’s Mail-Order Husband – this features Nelly Larson (Tom and Jessica’s oldest daughter)
  • Perfectly Matched – this features Patricia Larson (Tom and Jessica’s second daughter)
  • Suitable for Marriage – this features Erin Larson (Tom and Jessica’s third daughter) – due out late 2021
  • Isaac’s Decision – this features Isaac Larson (Dave’s son)
  • Boaz’s Wager – Rachel Larson (Dave’s daughter) is a secondary character in this one
  • Catching Kent – this features Rose Larson (Dave’s daughter)
  • His Convenient Wife – this features Harriett Larson (Dave’s daughter)