Other Genres


Enchanted Galaxy Series

A Royal Engagement new ebook cover  Royal Hearts new cover  The Royal Pursuit new cover  Royal Heiress new cover


These are psychological thrillers

late one night ebook cover  returnofthealiensnewcover


Resources for writers

Tips for New Writers new ebook 20160505_The_Emotionally_Engaging_Character  20200317_WritingforPassion

YA Thriller

These are all under the pen name Barbara Joan Russell

Secrets Ebook Cover  Stalker ebook cover  Showdown new cover  You're Next ebook cover 4  Body Swap ebook cover 3

2 Responses to Other Genres

  1. Patricia says:

    I am reading Return of the Aliens now. I’m just about to finish. It is a really good Christian read. I read the first part in sections. I couldn’t wait until Ruth Ann finished it. Thank you!

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