My Contemporary Romances

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Across the Stars Series

Suddenly a Bride new version  Runaway Bride new version2  his abducted bride smaller ebook cover

Suddenly a Bride and Runaway Bride feature heroes who came from a planet with no women.  His Abducted Bride features a hero who is a character in the heroine’s story.

Omaha Romances

with this ring i thee dread ebook cover with black border  what nathan wants  Just Good Friends new ebook

These contemporaries do not include any science fiction or fantasy elements.  With This Ring I Thee Dread features enemies who are forced to marry.  What Nathan Wants features a hero who tricks the heroine into marrying him by proxy so he can have a child.  Both have some comedic elements to them.  Just Good Friends is about two best friends who pretend to be more to appease the heroine’s parents.


Substitute Bride ebook cover


Substitute Bride is about two best friends who marry in order for the hero to inherit $1 million left in a relative’s will.

2 Responses to My Contemporary Romances

  1. Bren says:

    Are you the one who wrote Return of aliens? About the end of time and Christ’s return?

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