Marriage by Deceit Series

The Earl’s Secret Bargain (Book 1)

The Earl's Secret Bargain

Lord Davenport and Lord Pennella have just made a bet for the hand of Miss Regina Giles. The gentleman she chooses wins the loser’s estate.

It’s the most daring wager at White’s, and quite possibly the most foolish.  

Toby York, the Earl of Davenport, knew it was a mistake to make the wager when Lord Pennella stormed into White’s bragging that he could get any lady he wished.  Toby really should have kept his mouth shut.  But he didn’t.  

And now there are only three things he can do to protect Miss Giles.  One, he must get her to choose him instead of Pennella.  Two, he must make sure she never finds out about the wager.  And three, he must quietly break off the engagement so that she is free to marry a gentleman worthy of her.  As long as he doesn’t fall in love with her, there should be no problems.

Too bad things never work out the way they’re planned.

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Love Lessons With the Duke (Book 2)

Love Lessons with the Duke

Brief Description: The Duke of Ashbourne asks Lady Seyton to help him secure a bride in one month, but soon he realizes he’s in love with her and will do anything it takes to marry her, even if it involves a scandal.

Full Description

Camden Hollis, the Duke of Ashbourne, needs to pay off his brother’s debts, but all he has is a troubled estate.  So when he hears that Lady Seyton is known for teaching ladies what to do to secure marriages by the end of the Season, he comes to her for help.

Helena Walter, the Lady of Seyton, doesn’t know what to think of Camden’s unusual request.  How could a titled gentleman who is so good looking need help getting a wife?  Her initial response is to turn him down, thinking he is merely wasting her time. But then she catches him bumbling through a conversation with a lady, and realizes he–more than anyone–needs her help.

And so the lessons begin.  But before long, Camden is convinced she’s the perfect one for him.  She, however, is a widow and is happy with her freedom.  He might find it’ll require a scandal to get the two things he wants most: a love match and securing his estate.

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Ruined by the Earl (Book 3)

Ruined by the Earl ebook cover

After losing all of his money in a reckless bet, Logan Breckman, the Earl of Toplyn, needs to marry a lady from a wealthy family–and fast. So he does the only thing he can think of and picks one at random to trick into marriage.

Unfortunately for Miss Melissa Jasper, she happens to be in the right place at the wrong time.  Before she knows it, he comes up to her carriage and kisses her…and she is doomed.   Now she can’t marry the gentleman she was hoping to and she’s bound to a cad who thinks of little else but himself.

Logan is the first to admit he’s far from perfect, but being with a gentleman who knows how to ignite a passionate spark is a lot better than being stuck with one who’ll put a lady to sleep.  Of course, she won’t thank him for forcing her hand in marriage yet.  But he has no doubt that sooner or later, she’ll come to understand he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to her.

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The Earl’s Stolen Bride (Book 4)

The Earl's Stolen Bride

Orlando Emmett, the Earl of Reddington, fell in love with Chloe as soon as he met her. Unfortunately, she married Lord Hawkins before he could propose. Now, a year later, she’s a widow. And while he should honor the mourning period, he’s afraid if he doesn’t act fast, he might not get another chance to be her husband. So he plans a way to make sure he gets her before someone else does.

Full Description

Orlando Emmett, the Earl of Reddington, has one regret in his life: letting the lady of his dreams go.  Before he could make his feelings known to Miss Chloe Boyle, he found out she married Lord Hawkins.  Night after night, he’d think of all the things he should have told her when he had the chance, and all he could do was watch her, secretly admiring her from afar.

A year later, fate intervenes.  News of Lord Hawkins’ death has just given him a second chance, an opportunity to make his dreams come true, but he’ll have to risk a scandal to take it.

Chloe was relieved when news came of her husband’s death.  The two had hardly spoken more than a few words to each other before he left for India on their wedding day.  And a full year passed with only polite correspondence between them.  While some envied her marriage, the aching loneliness in her life only reminded her that money couldn’t buy happiness.

Fate intervenes when a friend takes her just outside of London to meet Orlando, a handsome stranger she only barely remembers.  During her entire marriage to Lord Hawkins, all she’d wanted was a husband who’d love her so much he’d give up anything to be with her.  And now she just might get her wish, if only she’s strong enough to take it.

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