Pioneer Series coming to an end, Married In Haste (Brad’s romance) will be next, and Trying my hand at plotting for The Bride Price

I’m almost done with Forced Into Marriage which is the 4th and final book in the Pioneer Series.

I hope to have this out in August since I’m ahead of schedule on it.


I am only going to be able to show one scene with Joe and Michelle Otto.  I had thought there would be more of those two characters in this book, but the story didn’t play out the way I had expected it to.  I already knew there would be no room for Richard and Amanda Larson or Jesse and Laura Palmer.  I hope this doesn’t disappoint you guys.  I know one of the big perks of a series is seeing past characters.

It’s just that in this book so much of it is while the hero and heroine (Brandon and Lokni Herman) are on the trail that there’s not a chance to bring in a lot of people.  I did place them in a town for a couple of weeks (in story time), but since Joe had dumped Brandon off in the Wyoming Territory and Brandon and Lokni had to stop along the trail for her to give birth to her son, there was no way I should slip it into the timeline for them to meet up with Joe’s wagon train.  So that’s why it ended up being the way it is.

When I send Forced Into Marriage to my wonderful editing team, I will start Married In Haste (which is Book 2 in the Marriage by Fate series).

Married In Haste ebook cover 3This book follows The Reclusive Earl, which is Book 1 in the Marriage by Fate Series.  I think I have confused people by having two Regency series happening at the same time.  I didn’t realize that would happen, but since all of my Regencies do take place in the same world, I see why it gets confusing.  I have decided I won’t do that again.  In the future, I will only work on one Regency series at a time.

Anyway, this is going to be Brad’s romance.  Brad is Loretta’s older brother in The Rake’s Vow.  I’m hoping to do two main things in this book.  One, I want to make this humorous because I love to laugh, and I get a lot of fun out of writing comedy.  With Brad’s quirky nature on being pristine and orderly while the heroine tends to be clumsy, I’m hoping this will make for a good foundation for humor.  Two, I want to delve more into the breakdown of Lady Eloise’s group, Ladies of Grace.  In Taming The Viscountess, I start this breakdown in a very subtle way.  When Celia’s leaves the group, it will set off a chain of events that I’m hoping will start manifesting in this book.  *fingers crossed*

I decided to try my hand at plotting.

And I’m experimenting with The Bride Price (Misled Mail Order Brides: Book 1).

the-bride-price-ebook-cover10Can I really do it?  Is it possible for a panster to follow an outline done in advance (even if it is loosely done)?  (I’d like to know if you plotters could ever panst a story, so if you are a plotter and you attempted it, I’d love to hear about it.)

I have a reason why I wanted to plot this particular story.  I had to bounce ideas around with my friend and fellow author Stephannie Beman because I could not do it unless I had someone asking me questions along the way.  Stephannie and I chat a lot online, and we share a lot of our writing struggles as we’re working on our stories.  Just yesterday, she helped me figure out the best way to go in Forced Into Marriage.

I should add there are three things to note about the plotting I did.  One, it’s more visual than what authors typically do.  I wrote down phrases to get the main idea for a scene down and then “mapped” it out.  So it’s visually appealing to the eye.  I think this helped my creative brain work more in the process.  Talking with Stephannie also helped the creative side since brainstorming is a creative process.  Two, I made things vague.  I am not going to do a step-by-step account of what I want to happen.  I don’t know what the characters will want to do in detail when the scene comes.   Three, I wrote the first couple of chapters before I even did the plotting.  The reason I did this is so that I could get to know the characters.  I usually know the characters within the first three chapters of any book I write.  Once I know them, it’s a lot easier to proceed with the story.  For example, I thought Sep didn’t want to get married.  But as soon as I was writing the story, I realized he did.  Until I’m in the character’s point of view, I honestly don’t know who they are.


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Updates on What I’m Doing

Taming The Viscountess is due out June 25

Here are the books in the Marriage by Bargain Series:

  • The Viscount’s Runaway Bride (Book 1)
  • The Rake’s Vow (Book 2)
  • Taming The Viscountess (Book 3) – will be out next month
  • If It Takes A Scandal (Book 4) – will be out around September or October (though official release date is currently in December)

Reserve your copy today!

I guess I should warn everyone that the heroine in this story has a more progressive view of sex than heroines I typically write.  When I created Celia in The Earl’s Wallflower  Bride, she was making fun of Iris over Iris’ lack of sexual experience.  Because of this, I had to work with Celia from what I had already established.

Celia never went “all the way”, but she did experiment with one of her brother’s friends and she has read literature on the topic of sex.  So we might consider her more sexually open than the heroines I usually write.  I don’t know if this is going to upset you, but if it does, this might be a book you decide to pass up.  She does not do anything with the hero until after they are married.  The hero is a virgin in every sense of the word.

Forced Into Marriage is a little over halfway done

Here are the books in the Pioneer Series:

  • Wagon Trail Bride (Book 1)
  • The Marriage Agreement (Book 2)
  • Groom For Hire (Book 3)
  • Forced Into Marriage (Book 4) – I expect this to be out in August even though I have it down for October on the retailer sites

Click here to pre-order!

I finally got to the point where the heroine has decided she wants to be with the hero.  In this book, the two were forced to marry at gunpoint without knowing each other first.  Remember in Wagon Trail Bride where Amanda Larson got pregnant after she was raped, but then I had her go through a miscarriage?

Well, the heroine in this book (Lokni from the Crow Tribe) starts out in this book in her ninth month of pregnancy, and she doesn’t know who the father is.  There were four unsavory men who kept her for a while and did whatever they wanted to her.  (I do not show this.  I only allude to this.  The story starts on the night she’s forced to marry the hero, Brandon Herman from Groom For Hire.)  In this case, I opted to let Lokni have the child.   The child is instrumental into bringing the hero and heroine together.

If It Takes A Scandal is about 1/3 of the way done


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As I mentioned above, I see this coming out in either September or October.

The heroine in this one is Lady Hedwrett (who was originally introduced in Her Counterfeit Husband).  She is a very happy widow.  I only briefly touched on how awful Lord Hedwrett was in The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife and Her Counterfeit Husband, and honestly, I don’t want to know more about this guy than what I already do because he really is the worst of the worst.  Being a panster, I learn about characters as I write them, and there are some characters so dark that I don’t want to delve deeper into them.  Just know that Lady Hedwrett has every reason to be glad he’s dead.

Anyway, I am veering off on a different course in this romance from what I have done in my Regencies up to this point.  I am going to do a scenario where the couple is forced to marry and decides to live separate lives.  They will be forced out in the country for three months by some matchmakers in order to overcome their misconceptions about each other.  This is where I’m currently at in this story.  It will be interesting to see how these two (who currently can’t stand each other) will deal with this.

I have finally started The Bride Price

This is the first book in the Misled Mail Order Bride Series.  I don’t have titles for the other books yet.


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Currently, I’m at chapter 2.  Sep (from Shotgun Groom) is about to find out there’s a man auctioning off the women he duped into coming to Omaha.  I haven’t decided if it’ll be three or four women, so for the time being, I’m saying “three”.  We’ll have to see how the story progresses. Part of the adventure of writing is finding out what happens next.

This one is set for November.

I am in chapter 3 of The Outlaw’s Bride

The Outlaw's Bride ebook cover

Here are the books in the Wyoming Series:

  • The Outlaw’s Bride (Book 1)
  • The Rancher’s Bride (Book 2)
  • Not sure what Book 3 is called yet or if there will be a Book 4

This is the rewrite of The Stagecoach Bride, and Stephannie has taken the pen name Anne Johanson.  I want to give her credit for creating the world with me, so I have added her pen name to the cover.   But I am the one writing this, and I can already tell you, it is a lot different from the original.

For one, the hero and heroine are going to marry early in the story.  Right now, I’m at the point where the heroine has agreed to marry him.  Two, the heroine really is pretty, but she believes she is ugly because her family constantly told her she was.  Three, Abby (the hero’s sister) is a bubbly and happy person, though she is still a good survivalist.  She will hold a rattlesnake and is great at tracking others.

It’ll be fun to see what else develops as the story continues.

I’m not going to publish this book until The Rancher’s Bride is ready.  I might or might not wait for Book 3 to be ready, too.  I’m not sure if it’s worth it to wait for an entire series to be completed and publishing it at the same time or not, but it is something I’ve been wanting to try.   (A lot of it depends on how well I’m able to write four books at a time instead of three like I usually do.)


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The Reclusive Earl is Now Available!

I would have posted this yesterday, but my kids were unable to play outside because of the rain.  Anyone who has kids know how restless they can get if they’re stuck inside.  🙂  Today, they’re back at school, though, so I can finally get around to getting this out.

The Reclusive Earl final cover 2

In this book you’ll get a good look into Warren and Iris’ happily ever after.  I have their twin children in it, too.  So it was fun to keep up with them and find out how they’re doing after The Earl’s Wallflower Bride.  Most of you will recall that I introduced Opal Beaufort (Warren’s younger sister) in that book.  I also finally got the chance to use the scared groom on his wedding night scenario that I’ve been itching to do for the longest time, so that was exciting.  I know.  I’m horrible because I put my hero through that. 🙂 But I didn’t make him suffer for long. (I promise.)

Here’s the official description:

Titled gentlemen are supposed to be perfect. Whether it be good looks, charm, or eloquent speech, everyone expects an earl to be refined in every way. And if the earl isn’t, he risks being shamed by the Ton. No one knows this better than Landon Tait, the Earl of Farewell, who’s been on the receiving end of the Ton’s gossip since he first made his appearance in London.

After the last Season, he vowed to stay as far from London as possible. But when his brother lands into serious trouble, he has no choice but to come to his aid. He tells himself he’ll make it quick. Just one evening and his brother will be free from trouble. Then he can return to his country estate to enjoy his life of solitude.

Miss Opal Beaufort is attending a ball when she overhears the snickers about a certain gentleman who was born with a lisp. Several ladies sneak to a private room to listen to him, and something in Opal snaps. She can’t stand the idea of someone being made the laughingstock of the Ton. But as soon as she intervenes on his behalf, a scandal ensues, and she finds herself unwittingly betrothed to him.

Now, Landon isn’t only forced to stay in London to face the ridicule of the Ton, but he also must deal with a beautiful wife who might find him as imperfect as he fears.

If interested, these are the places where you can find it:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Barnes & Noble




(If you are in an Amazon country I did not link to, please let me know in the comments, and I’ll make sure to add your country to links in the future.  I think Kobo and iBooks will automatically send you to the country where you’re at, but I could be wrong.)

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