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The Reclusive Earl (Marriage by Fate: Book 1) will be out May 7!

The Reclusive Earl final cover 2

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This is the first book of a new series, but the heroine (Miss Opal Beaufort) was introduced in The Earl’s Wallflower Bride.  Most of you have read that book.  Opal was Warren Beaufort’s (Lord Steinbeck’s) sister, and she was the one who was pretending to be crazy.  Her past does play a part in this story, but I don’t want to spoil it, so I won’t say how. 🙂  Suffice it to say I got the pleasure of adding a little mystery/thriller element to the story.  I like playing around with that from time to time.

But it is primarily a romance.   It has a few humorous moments.  (For example, a groom hiding from his bride on their wedding night is funny to me.  But then, I have a weird sense of humor.  I know not everyone likes it, but for those of you who’ve read my other books and laughed, I think you’ll enjoy it.)

And yes, you will be given a look into Warren and Iris’ happy ending and their children in this book.  One benefit of writing in the same Regency world is that I get to bring in past characters to continue their happy ending.

Taming The Viscountess (Marriage by Bargain: Book 3) will be finished this week


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This will be out in June (two months earlier than I had expected!)

Books in this series:

  • The Viscount’s Runaway Bride
  • The Rake’s Vow
  • Taming The Viscountess
  • If It Takes A Scandal (being written)

I’m going to miss writing this book.  It is my favorite of all the Regencies I’ve done.  (A Most Unsuitable Earl is my second favorite.  It was my favorite up until this one.)  I really love humor, and this book has a lot of good humor in it.

Right now, I’m at the end of the last chapter.  I should be in the epilogue later today.  This particular book needs one.  (The Reclusive Earl needed one, too, and I did add one.)  I don’t do epilogues unless I think the story needs some extra plot point to wrap things up. I will be doing an additional epilogue for this book and for The Reclusive Earl that will go to those of you in my private Facebook group or on my mailing list.  There has to be some perk for being willing to put up with me on a regular basis. 😉

Forced Into Marriage (Pioneer Series: Book 4) is halfway done


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Books in the Pioneer Series:

  • Wagon Trail Bride
  • The Marriage Agreement
  • Groom For Hire
  • Forced Into Marriage (this is the last one)

My goal is to have this finished before my kids get out of school for summer, which is the second week of June.  Ideally, I’ll get the first draft done by the end of May.  *fingers crossed*  That means I might get it out in July.  At the latest, it could be August.  But at least it won’t be all the way until October, which is what I originally expected.  So that’s good.

I’m really loving this book, too.  (I love writing all of my books, really.)  Anyway, this is the one to satisfy my unhappiness at spaghetti westerns that end with the couple either dying or being separated forever.  It’s nice to put things right.  I see no reason why writers would make people care about the couple only to force them apart at the end.  It goes against everything I want to read or watch on TV.

If It Takes A Scandal (Marriage by Bargain: Book 4) is 1/4 of the way finished


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This is the last book in the Marriage by Bargain Series.  And this time, Celia is going to do some matchmaking in order to help the hero and heroine in this book.  I don’t want to spoil Taming The Viscountess, but Celia inadvertently trapped Corin St. George (Lord Durrant), into a marriage with Candace Daniel (Lady Hedwrett).  Neither wanted to get married.  I go into detail on how the scandal erupted that forced them into a marriage.  For almost a year, they have lived separate lives.  Then, when Celia finds out, she sets up a plan that will forced them to spend three months at his country estate–with no way to get back to London.

Yes, Celia is still making up her schemes, but this time she’s doing it for good instead of evil.  I couldn’t completely knock the schemer out of her character. 😀

Let’s see…  I think I can have this out in September or October as long as nothing interferes with my writing schedule.  The further I am from finishing a book, the harder it is to estimate when it’ll be done.

The Outlaw’s Bride (Wyoming Series: Book 1)


This is the rewrite of The Stagecoach Bride.  I am currently in chapter 2.  Not far, I know, but the goal is to have this out next summer, so there’s no real rush on it.  In this version, I am going to have Mic marry Lillian right away.  So already, the dynamics of the whole book have changed.  However, Lillian’s ex-fiance will be coming for her.  So some things will stay the same.

The Bride Price (Misled Mail Order Brides: Book 1) will be started when I finish Taming The Viscountess


I know some of you thought I was giving up writing more historical western romances, but I had to take a break from heavily writing them for a few months because I had run out of ideas.  I had plenty ideas for Regencies, so I focused on those.  Now the pendulum is swinging the other way.  I’m getting historical western romance ideas again and drying up on Regencies.  This is why I don’t stick to only one genre, and it’s why I do more than one book at a time.  The more variety I have, the better.

Anyway, this is Sep’s story.  I know a lot of you have been itching to read his story, and I’ll finally get started on it.  The heroine in this case will be a young woman who was scarred on one side of her body from being caught in a fire when she was a child.  She’ll also have a limp due to getting her leg stuck during this fire.  Because she’s not “perfect”, she hasn’t been able to secure a marriage in her small hometown.  In desperation, she answers a mail-order bride ad.   And who better than Sep (who has scars of his own, if you recall from Shotgun Groom) is there for her to marry?

That’s the set up for the story.  There’s more to it than that, but I don’t want to go far into it because until I start writing, I’m not completely sure how things will progress.

I’m planning a November release for this one, though (hopefully) it won’t take that long.

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Romance Books I’ve Done With Other Authors

I was surprised to learn some people didn’t know I had co-written The Stagecoach Bride with Stephannie Beman, so while I’m thinking about it, I thought I should mention the other romances I’ve done with other authors.

Before I do, I just want to give a quick reminder that The Stagecoach Bride will be removed from sale on Monday (April 24).  

After that, it will never be available again unless you can find a stray paperback version somewhere on the Internet.

The Stagecoach Bride ebook cover

The Stagecoach Bride is now permanently unavailable. (update made April 25, 2017)

I will be giving this a complete rewrite.  The rewrite will be called The Outlaw’s Bride.  (It will be free so no one who bought The Stagecoach Bride will feel like they’re buying two copies of the same story.  This isn’t the same story, but the characters are the same and the world is the same.)  The new version is expected to be released June-August 2018.  And yes, I will be finishing the series.

Now for the other romances I’ve done with other authors…

I did one contemporary clean romance anthology with Catherine Lynn.

Barbara Joan Russell was a pen name I came up with when I thought I would write a good number of clean (ie. no sex) romances.  Long story short, since late 2014 when I wrote the first draft, I haven’t written another clean romance since.  I like the spicy content, so I don’t think clean is for me.

Catherine Lynn, however, does have more books, which you might enjoy.  So if contemporary clean romance or cozy mystery is your thing, check her out.

Bride By Design New Ebook Cover


Barnes & Noble


Google Play


iBooks (it is there, but I don’t have the link, and I can’t figure out how to get the link.)

I did two historical western romance anthologies with Janet Syas Nitsick.

My stories in these do contain sexual content.  Janet’s do not.  She writes only clean historical western romances, and they do mention the Christian faith a lot.  If those are the kinds of romances you enjoy, you might enjoy her books.

Book 1: Bride by Arrangement

Bride by Arrangement


Barnes & Noble



Google Play


Book 2: A Groom’s Promise

a groom's promise


Barnes & Noble


iBooks (it is there, but my link doesn’t work)

Google Play



About Google Play: Someone is probably asking, “Why does she have some books on Google Play but not others?” The books I have on Google Play were put there by my wonderful publisher, Parchment & Plume.  I do not have an account there, and Stephannie Beman doesn’t have one, either.)

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The Stagecoach Bride is Available For A Limited Time (So Grab Your Copy Now If You Want To Read It)

Over on Facebook, there were some people who said they never read The Stagecoach Bride.  Long story short, I handed over the rights to this book to Stephannie Beman.  She has graciously agreed to put the book back up for sale so you can get the original version now.  Remember, I am rewriting this book.  I bought the rights to the characters and the world, but I did not buy the original version.

Here is the original book:

The Stagecoach Bride ebook cover

The original version is now permanently unavailable. (update made 04/25/17)

However, the new version is expected to be out June-August of 2018!


I’m going to change the title of the book, the cover, and the series so there’s no confusion over which version is which.  

I am going to do a massive rewrite of this book.  It’s going to change about 50-75% of this book.  I have Stephannie’s permission to do this.  I am also going to finish the rest of the series.  Since Stephannie created this world and the characters with me and will be adding historic flavor to the books, her name will be with mine on the author line.

Since I’m changing so much, I am going to give the book a brand new title, a new cover, and a new series name.

The new title will be The Outlaw’s Bride.

The new series will be the Wyoming Series.

The new cover will be featured here when Stephannie’s done making it.

I will add in the description that it’s a rewrite of The Stagecoach Bride to help offset any confusion.

I expect to publish the new version June-August of 2018.  I will also be changing The Rancher’s Wife to The Rancher’s Bride, and yes, I will change that cover, too.

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