True or False? (A Quiz Featuring a couple of my Regency Characters)

I got an idea the other night to do a post where you get to guess if something is true or false about some of my Regency characters. I thought it might be fun. 🙂 If you decide to play this game, let me know how well you did!

I’ll pose the statement in the top portion of this post, along with pictures of the characters and a quote from them.

Then, at the bottom of the post, I’ll give the answers.

Without further ado, let’s get started…

1. True or False: Nate (Lord Roderick) and Christopher (Mr. Robinson) will be friends someday.  

It’s no secret the two end up making snide comments to each other whenever they’re in the same room, but will this always be the case?

Nate Lord Roderick

Nate as he tries to pick the right punishment for Christopher.

Memorable quote from His Reluctant Lady: “If Christopher gives you any trouble, just have him clean out the stalls,” Lord Roderick said. “Or better yet, the chamber pots.”

Mr. Christopher Robinson

Christopher always looks for ways to irritate Nate.

Memorable quote from The Earl’s Scandalous Wife: “And last, but not least, is Claire whose kindness extends to the ends of the world, which explains why she can bear to be married to the world’s biggest grouch, Nate, who is sitting next to her.” Nate scowled at him, so Christopher added, “See what I mean? If it weren’t for her, he’d never smile.”

2. True or False: Agatha is as sexually enthusiastic as Christopher claims.

Christopher tends to have a big ego, so he has no qualms about making himself sound far more impressive than he really is. But when it comes to bragging about his sexual prowess, is he being honest, or is he exaggerating?

Christopher Robinson 2

Is Christopher the stud he claims to be?

Memorable quote from Christopher in Ruined by the Earl: “It was a long night,” Mr. Robinson replied then stood up, making a great show of stretching and yawning. Then, with a wink, he added, “My wife is so demanding. Sometimes she won’t let me out of her bed.”

3. True or False: The Duke of Rumsey and Ethan (Lord Edon) will get along some day.

The worst day of the Duke of Rumsey’s life was when he saw his daughter marry Ethan. He could barely eat or sleep for weeks afterwards, and it’s reported he religiously practices fencing in case Ethan breaks his daughter’s heart. But will he always be fencing with Ethan in mind, or will he some day learn to accept his son-in-law?

duke of rumsey

The Duke of Rumsey may be wonderful to others, but he frequently gives Ethan nightmares.

Memorable moment while the Duke is fencing with Ethan in A Most Unsuitable Earl:

“There may be a law against duels, as you pointed out, but I’m afraid accidents happen while fencing, despite the protective gear,” the Duke of Rumsey said, barely out of breath.

Gasping for air, Ethan managed to ask, “But there are no defects in your fencing clothing, are there?”

“I hope not.”

Ethan aka Lord Edon

Ethan (Lord Edon) often dreams of fencing…and not because he enjoys the sport.

Memorable quote Ethan made in Make Believe Bride: “Everyone thinks my father-in-law is a wonderful gentleman. They think he’s incapable of doing anything bad. I’m the only one who knows the truth. Beneath the surface lies a beast.”

4. True or False. Miss Wilmington is as horrible a dresser as Celia claims.

Celia (Lady Erandon) prides herself on her fashion know-how. But is she as knowledgable as she claims, or is she letting her hatred of Miss Wilmington get in the way of her objectivity?


Celia thinks she is an expert in fashion.

Memorable moment when Miss Wilmington accused Celia (Lady Erandon) of wanting to copy her fashion taste in Taming the Viscountess:

After she took a sip of the tea, Celia gave Miss Wilmington a smile. “Thank you for allowing me to visit you. I’m having trouble picking out a gown for Lady Eloise’s next social engagement, and I was wondering what you plan to buy.”

“Why? So you can get it first?” Miss Wilmington asked.

Surprised Miss Wilmington would deduce that, Celia said, “No. I have no desire to wear the same gown as you.” And that was the truth. Miss Wilmington had horrible taste in gowns. Everything she wore made her look like a frumpy old hag.

5. True or False. Lady Eloise’s motive for visiting Stephen was money that day she fell down the stairs and died.

The butler said he saw Lady Eloise fall down the stairs, thereby clearing Mr. Stephen Bachman of any guilt associated with her death. After everyone found out the Duke of Silverton wasn’t really Lady Eloise’s father, the Duke of Silverton ran off to another country, and he withdrew all money from her and Stephen. Stephen slowly built up his wealth, but she relied on lovers to support her. Were her lovers giving her enough, or did she want more?

Lady Eloise

Lady Eloise had her share of lovers. Did they provide her with all of the money she wanted, or did she go to Stephen for it?

Memorable quote by Stephen in The Marriage Contract: “A lot of people think I did, even though the butler saw her fall down the stairs all on her own. I lived here, and she lived in London. Well, on that particular day, she came here demanding money, and when I said no and locked myself in this den, she went upstairs. I’m guessing she was looking for something to sell.”

Now for the answers:

1. False. I know some of you want them to bury the hatchet at some point, but it’s never going to happen. Nate is too serious of a person to ever get along with someone as whimsical as Christopher. Their personalities clash far too much.

2. True. Once Christopher helped Agatha become comfortable with her sexuality, she became a very enthusiastic bed partner.

3. True. The Duke of Rumsey and Ethan care very much for their children, and when Ethan’s first child, Audrey, enters her first Season, Ethan is going to appreciate why the Duke worried so much about Catherine. The Duke will see how much Ethan is fretting over her and will assure him that everything will turn out fine. The two will finally understand each other in a way they never did before, and, because of that, they will get along.

4. True. Miss Wilmington is as ghastly at fashion as Celia thinks. In fact, in The Perfect Duke (which will be out next month), Miss Webb’s brother confirms this when he tells her, “I don’t know why you’re letting Miss Wilmington bother you so much. Who cares what she thinks? She can’t even figure out how to dress so that she doesn’t make people want to vomit.” Evidence of her awful fashion sense will be presented in the course of this book.

5. False. Lady Eloise wasn’t looking for money. Yes, she loved money, and she never did feel like she had enough of it. But on that particular day, she was hoping to chase Stephen into his den, which is what happened since he often made it a habit of hiding whenever she was around. (He did this after she disfigured his face. Before then, he didn’t run from her.) Anyway, she was going up the stairs because she wanted to sneak a couple of killer bees into his bedchamber. She had them secured in her reticule. Why were they never discovered? Because as she fell down the stairs, she squashed them and no one thought to look in her reticule when they hauled her body off for burial.

So how did you do? Did you get them all right? Were there any you missed? Do you have any True or False questions you’d like me to address in a future post?

This post took me about three hours to do, but I had a lot of fun doing it and would enjoy doing more.


Photo Credits of the pictures above (in the order they are presented):

  • Nate: ID 11891305 © Aleksandar Todorovic |
  • Christopher: ID 7819189 © Vanessa Van Rensburg |
  • Christopher 2: ID 3516542 © Vanessa Van Rensburg |
  • The Duke of Rumsey: ID 1383393 © Nick Stubbs |
  • Ethan: ID 43285214 © Subbotina |
  • Celia: ID 37446998 © Salome Hoogendijk |
  • Lady Eloise: ID 74179106 © Alena Redchanka |
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The Socially Awkward Author

The author I mention above is me.

cat hiding

ID 60606770 © Vassilis Anastasiou |

The other day, I was reading a book on book promotion, and while doing better covers, book descriptions, keywords, and such are doable on my end, I hit a brick wall when the author mentioned frequent emailing to people on my email list.

Unless I have a new book out, I honestly don’t know what to say. Even when I write a blog post or post something on Facebook, I have a terrible time coming up with something I think might be of interest to people. I personally know authors who write about their personal lives in a way that is so interesting I have to read each and every word. Also, there are authors that come up with great topics, and they make these topics sound much more interesting than I ever could. They have such a gift for these things, and I can see why they attract a lot of people.

Unless I’m writing a story, my mind goes blank on coming up with anything that sounds fresh and exciting. It’s like when I write Christmas letters. I hate doing them. In fact, I broke down and ended up just sending cards with a sentence or two because it didn’t seem like anything that interesting happened in my life. Things just seem to be business as usual. Probably the biggest news I had over the past few years was moving, and that didn’t take long to say. Other than that, not a lot has changed in my life.

This must be a personality thing. Some authors are great at social mingling. I’m not one of them. If we were all at a party, I would be the person sitting in the corner of the room talking to maybe one or two people. No one would notice me. I know this because in real life, I’ve never been the center of attention. I’m a socially awkward person. You know those people who try to tell a joke but no one thinks it’s funny? That’s me. It’s not that I don’t have a sense of humor. I manage to write some funny lines in my books, but in real life, I just can’t seem to do the same thing. I know because when I’ve tried to tell jokes, my family (even my kids) look at me in sympathy. They want to laugh, but they can’t manage to bring out a chuckle.

I think the “email and engage your list frequently” thing is great for people who have a natural charisma. They’re often the leaders. They go up to people and make them feel comfortable. I’m the type of person who follows. I’m much more comfortable responding to a thread or topic someone else started.

So, after doing some thinking over this, I realized something very important. Authors can’t all promote the same way. It’s impossible. Some just don’t have the personality for being entertaining in emails. The best way I can possibly entertain in an email to my email list is to say, “Here’s my book, and here’s a special scene or research I did to go with it.” Those things take me a week to come up with. I spend a lot of thought on them. So it’s not that I don’t care about the people on my email list. I do. I care about everyone who’s still with me, and I don’t take them for granted.

So even if I don’t email until I have a new book out, I hope you know it’s not because I’m not thinking of you or that I don’t care. I do think about you guys, and I do care. Whether you’re following this blog, on my email list, following my newsletter blog, friended me on Facebook, or are following my Tweets, in the back of my mind, I do think of you.

I know we’re told that we must break out of our comfort zones, but sometimes that’s not good advice. I don’t care how many lessons I take on public speaking. I am not going to be good at speaking in front of an audience, and I’m not about to go through it again after failing two times. Thankfully, Janet Syas Nitsick was there to save me from total embarrassment. I was so stressed out over those times that I was physically sick for a almost a week. I would much rather be in a group and participate than be the leader at the front of the room. So why would telling someone like me to do a speech be good advice? It wouldn’t be. Likewise, emailing every week or two weeks to engage people in a conversation wouldn’t work for me. It would stress me out because I don’t know what to say, and I sure couldn’t keep up the momentum long-term.

I think the most important thing for writers to do is to figure out who they are. What are their strengths and weaknesses? There’s no point in trying to work on a weakness (unless it’s for your physical health). I was weak on eating sugar, and I’ve been cutting it out. So sometimes, it makes sense to do something like that. But if you’re weak at public speaking, why torture yourself doing it? If you’re not good at making You Tube videos (like I am), why do it? If you’re not naturally inclined to engage people in frequent emails to your list, why do it? Also, if you’re not naturally good at writing by the seat of your pants, don’t do it; plot instead.

I think authors should find what they’re strong at and do that. My strength is in participation in a discussion. My strength is in setting down a routine to write and sticking with it. My strength is in sticking with a story I’m writing, even when I get to the middle where ideas start to slow down. I press through it. (I rarely stop writing a story. It’s happened, but not often.) I’m not a sprinter. I am the turtle. I check in almost every day to write, and though I might not write a lot that day, I usually get something done. I do take days off, and those days will be more frequent this summer when my kids are home all day, but I’ll probably still check in to do a few hundred or so words before they get up.

So anyway, after reading that part in the book on promotion about successful authors emailing frequently, I felt bummed out for a couple of days because I knew this was something I just can’t do, but I’ve since come to peace with that. We all have our limitations. Being aware of them can also help us realize we have some strengths that wouldn’t be possible without those limitations. Sometimes you just have to flip something around to see how a hinderance in one area is a strength in another.

I don’t know if this is inspiring for anyone else, but it took a huge weight off my shoulders to realize it’s okay to do things in the way that is most comfortable for us. It’s okay to not follow the crowd and do it their way. Sometimes you just have to be true to yourself.

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Updates On What I’m Doing

I’m hoping to have the first draft of The Perfect Duke done by May 28 or 29.

The Perfect Duke Ebook Cover

This is one of those stories that will be closer to 70,000 words. The first draft might have me at 72,000, but once I edit, that will get trimmed back. I always lose about 2,000 words in edits.

I usually average 60,000 words. Since it is a longer book, it’s taken me longer to finish up. I’m in the home stretch (as it were). I know what’s going to happen and how things will play out at this point. I left a thread hanging that I plan to pick up in Book 5 of this series, which is Kidnapping the Viscount. This thread has to do with Ladies of Grace. This thread has been running through the entire series since the end of Book 2.

I’ll let you know when the book is due out once I get it all edited and ready.

The Perfect Wife’s release date has been pushed back.

The Perfect Wife Ebook Cover3

It couldn’t be helped. I held off on pushing it back for as long as I could, but given sick kids, car repairs, and house repairs, I lost about a week and a half of writing time. Now that I have to rush The Perfect Duke, this will make my timeline even more unstable. So in order to get things back on track, I moved the release date back to late August. (It was originally supposed to be out in July.)

This story is turning out to be longer than I expected, and I don’t want to rush the ending. I don’t want to ever rush the flow of any book I write. It’s not fair to you if I did that. I want to honor everyone who reads this by giving them my 100% effort. Originally, I was planning on 50,000 words. I’ll be closer to 60,000 words when all is said and done. Right now I’m at 46,000 words. So I’m making progress, but it’s slower than I had hoped. Also, I want to give my poor editing team more time on this one. I just sent out emails this morning asking them to give priority to The Perfect Duke. I don’t want to do that with this book, too.

I’m 1/4 of the way through One Enchanted Evening.

One Enchanted Evening ebook cover

Progress is slow on this because I’ve been focusing on the two books up above. I hit the 19K word mark yesterday, which is good considering how much I haven’t been able to write in this one. I’m enjoying this spin on Cinderella. It’s fun to work with a heroine who has a dark past that she needs to overcome.

I’m at the halfway point in The Outlaw’s Bride

The Outlaw's Bride ebook cover2

My goal is 250 words each writing day on this one, but I typically end up with around 400 words on average. At the beginning of May, I was at 25,164 words into this book. As of yesterday, I reached 29,322 words. This is slow going, but this one isn’t due out for a while anyway. So I have plenty of time on it.

I’m not going to publish this one until Book 2 is up on pre-order.

Now for a look ahead…

I like looking ahead to what’s coming because it helps me stay motivated to stick with my current works in progress. Around the halfway point in the story, I tend to lose steam. The beginning and ending are easy. The middle is harder because everything has to connect from the beginning to the end.

Kidnapping the Viscount will be the next book I’ll start.

Kidnapping the Viscount Ebook Cover

This is book 5 in the Marriage by Fate Series.

  • Book 1: The Reclusive Earl
  • Book 2: Married In Haste
  • Book 3: Make Believe Bride
  • Book 4: The Perfect Duke
  • Book 5: Kidnapping the Viscount
  • I’m not sure there will be a Book 6 or not.

This will be Miss Duff’s romance. Remember Lady Eloise telling Miss Duff not to accept a certain gentleman’s proposal because he was a viscount instead an earl, marquess, or duke? Well, Miss Duff has a lot of regret over letting a good man get away, so she’s going to take matters into her own hands and get him back through any means necessary.

(I told you guys I was going to go back to heroines who are stronger than what I’ve been doing, and this one qualifies. For those who liked the heroine in Patty’s Gamble, you’ll probably like this heroine, too. For those who don’t, this might be a book you’ll want to skip.)

Also, I need Miss Duff to help build up Ladies of Grace. The group only has three members at this point. So this will continue the subplot that’s been running through here for the past couple of books in this series. And yes, Lady Eloise will play a minor role.

The Imperfect Husband will be the last book in the Misled Mail Order Brides Series.

The Imperfect Husband ebook cover 6

  • Book 1: The Bride Price
  • Book 2: The Rejected Groom
  • Book 3: The Perfect Wife
  • Book 4: The Imperfect Husband

Annabelle Larson isn’t a mail-order bride, but when I created the series, I didn’t think I’d be doing her story. Since she pops up so much in Book 3, it made sense to have her book in #4. I’m not sure how I’m going to get her married to the hero yet. The details are being worked out in Book 3 as we speak. But I expect this to be a lot of fun since there’s going to be some great humor in it. I’d love for it to be a romantic comedy. We’ll see what happens once I’m writing it. The characters ultimately decide the tone of the book.

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