About The Purchased Bride and The Bride’s Choice (With Some Book Trivia)

I want to avoid as much confusion as possible. I don’t want someone to browse a retailer and think I published brand new books without publicly announcing it on this blog.

My publisher has given me back my rights to the books I had with them. These books are Wagon Trail Bride, The Marriage Agreement, Groom for Hire, Mitch’s Win, Boaz’s Wager, Patty’s Gamble, Shane’s Deal, The Purchased Bride, and The Bride’s Choice.

Now some of you may wonder, “What does she mean? I don’t recognize The Purchased Bride or The Bride’s Choice from her book list.”

These two books were tucked into anthologies.

The Purchased Bride originally appeared in the Bride by Arrangement anthology I did with Janet Syas Nitsick.

The Bride’s Choice originally appeared in the A Groom’s Promise anthology I did with Janet Syas Nitsick.

If you own those two anthologies, you already have The Purchased Bride and The Bride’s Choice.

But, if you haven’t picked up these anthologies and would like The Purchased Bride and The Bride’s Choice, I’ll give the information about them below.

First, since these stories are so closely related, I decided to create a series for them. Since they take place in homesteads in Nebraska, I opted to go with the Nebraska Prairie Series.

The Purchased Bride (Nebraska Prairie Series: Book 1)

Ada Wilcox’s brother sells her off to marry a complete stranger. But the book goes deeper than that.

Here’s the trivia:

The hero in this book is deaf, but his brother assumes he has less than average intelligence. Some people find this hard to believe, but I can tell you from firsthand experience that this is possible. I didn’t hear anything for the first three years of my life, and my parents and doctor assumed I was didn’t have normal intelligence. It wasn’t until a daycare worker pointed out the possibility that I was deaf that my parents went to a hearing specialist. In one ear, I am deaf, but I had fluid built up since birth that prevented me from hearing. Sometimes you can be so close to someone that you miss something an outsider will see. Also, though my son was born deaf, the initial test they did on him when he was born showed that he heard. As a result, we just assumed he could hear until he was a year old when a woman who came out to help my other children with a speech delay picked up on it. My point is that unless you know what to look for, it’s easy to miss something as simple as whether a person is hearing you or not.

I took the above personal experiences in my own life and the lack of accommodations for people with special needs of that time period into consideration to build the plot. If Pete had been allowed to interact with more people, someone might have figured it out before Ada came along, but his family chose to keep him secluded from everyone. Had this been written in a place along the East Coast, Pete’s deafness would have been pointed out early on in his life. But I wanted a scenario where it wasn’t pointed out until he was an adult, so I chose to place him on a remote farm.

You can find out more about it at these places:


Barnes & Noble




The Bride’s Choice (Nebraska Prairie Series: Book 2)

Shy and clumsy Jack Warren has finally found the woman of his dreams, but her father wants her to marry his brother instead.

Here’s the trivia:

I wrote this one closely to match Janet Syas Nitsick’s story, When the Whistle Blows, that was in the same anthology. We had to sit together quite a bit to compare notes so that there were contradictions between our stories. A lot of people have said our two books are so similar, and this is why. So much of our plots relied heavily on what was happening in the other story. I wanted to write a story that could be read as a standalone. I’m sure Janet felt the same way. The nature of anthologies is to eventually take the individual stories and publish them independently of the other authors who contributed stories to that book. So I didn’t want to leave any more loose threads than I had to.

I took one brother, Jack, and she took the other brother, Hugh. My original story idea never made it to the page. I had to discard it in order to go along with Janet’s vision for her book. Originally, I had planned for Maybell’s father to want Jack to marry her, and he was supposed to feel inadequate and run off hiding from her on their wedding night. I had envisioned a romantic comedy. (I later took the idea of the bridegroom hiding and put it in The Reclusive Earl, which is a Regency romance. So the idea did makes it way into another book. I have a weird sense of humor, and the idea of a husband running in fear of having to consummate the marriage just cracks me up.)

All things considered, I think the story worked out better the way it did where her father wanted her to marry Hugh and Jack had to prove himself.

You can find more about this book at these places:


Barnes & Noble





Book 3: To Be Determined

I have an idea for a book that’s been in the back of my mind for the past few years that I think will fit well with this series. Since my mind’s been blank on what to write next, I’m going to give this third book a try and see what happens. I’ll keep you posted.


On a final note:

All of the other books Wagon Trail Bride, The Marriage Agreement, Groom for Hire, Mitch’s Win, Boaz’s Wager, Patty’s Gamble, and Shane’s Deal are all up again! If anyone wants links, let me know.

I did put all of these books (including The Purchased Bride and The Bride’s Choice) on Google Play, but they haven’t gone live yet.

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Audiobook Thief is Back

A quick note to any narrator reading this post: please do NOT create any audiobooks from someone claiming to be me. I am currently working with Stevie Zimmerman and Shonda Bourn. I have NOT contacted any other narrator to create audiobooks.

Now to the post:

As I was tracking down links to the audiobook I legitimately created, I found that the thief has returned. He/she (we’ll say he since he’s now going by the name “benjamin anyanwu”) is back, and this time, he has taken the audio files, made new covers, changed his name as producer, and distributed these books wide.

Here’s what’s happening:

Once the original theft attempt failed on Amazon and Audible, this jerk went ahead and changed the covers, his name as producer, and distributed the audiobooks to as many places as he could. I’d point out why no one should believe these were done by ME, but I don’t want to give stuff away to make things easier for this jerk in the future.

Here are the links I’ve tracked down so far.


An Unlikely Place for Love: https://books.apple.com/us/audiobook/an-unlikely-place-for-love-virginia-collection-book-1/id1525871012?mt=11

A Most Unsuitable Earl: https://books.apple.com/us/audiobook/a-most-unsuitable-earl-marriage-by-scandal/id1526285522?mt=11&fbclid=IwAR0DFnaHm_xuEL3SpCunFx-V0rKiMaqXkbmcl39uEoo-Bzb1DRpmxji6Uss

Google Play:

An Unlikely Place for Love: https://play.google.com/store/audiobooks/details/Ruth_Ann_Nordin_An_Unlikely_Place_for_Love?id=AQAAAEAcGG1YYM&hl=en_US

A Most Unsuitable Earl: https://play.google.com/store/audiobooks/details/Ruth_Ann_Nordin_A_Most_Unsuitable_Earl?id=AQAAAEAc-CC4LM&hl=en_US


An Unlikely Place for Love: https://www.chirpbooks.com/audiobooks/an-unlikely-place-for-love-by-ruth-ann-nordin?fbclid=IwAR2vE-Gg-STDZ_LSEYJuw_S4X5Tesx5181JZceBX-OB8gf-azkHo_Q_qz_I

A Most Unsuitable Earl: https://www.chirpbooks.com/audiobooks/a-most-unsuitable-earl-by-ruth-ann-nordin

I have submitted copyright notifications to each of these places, but there’s still more I need to wade through because there are about 43 distributors out there total. This thief has a head start on me. I am currently seeking out help from someone who can help me, and I will pay this person for their help. I’m currently looking for referrals on Facebook. I will only work with someone I know. I don’t trust any strangers because for all I know, the thief could offer to “help”.

About Shonda Bourn:

I contacted Shonda on Facebook when I discovered the original theft of An Unlikely Place for Love took place. Back then, this thief went back the name “Leon Publishing”. I tried to find the other narrator this thief conned into making A Most Unsuitable Earl, but I was unable to.

Anyway, Shonda and I got along, and I decided to let her do some of my books. I got the right to claim my book (An Unlikely Place for Love) on ACX, and we decided we’d take the files she had created and do a royalty share agreement. I’m still in the process of listening to this book. I have not “okayed” it for publication. When I do, I’ll let you know on this site.

So the thief downloaded the files from ACX that Shonda had done, and he stole those and used them to upload the audiobook everywhere else. He did not have her permission. He is in violation of a contractual agreement with her. He did the same with the other narrator, but I’m unable to tell this other narrator what happened to her. I did notify Shonda.

To all narrators:

I realize this is as upsetting to you as it is to me. It’s getting to the point where it’s impossible to know who you can trust and who you can’t. I’m just one author. I am doing what I can to warn other authors of this stuff by sharing my experience on this blog and on Facebook. I am going to be as loud and obnoxious about this as I can be to help spread the word.

I just want to plead with the narrators reading this to double check to make sure you are in contact with the actual author of the book you’re being asked to make into audio. I know there are sites that make it super easy for thieves to con narrators into making audiobooks. ACX is one of them. But there are apparently other sites thieves can use to con narrators into producing audiobooks for a royalty-share option. I think another is Audio Unleashed, but I’m not 100% sure. There is another one, but I can’t think of it off the top of my head. All I’m saying is that if you’re on a site that does royalty-share, be extra careful.

These thieves never pay. They want everything for free. That is the first warning sign. I offered Shonda a paying deal, but she wanted royalty-share. I did, however, create a pay per hour agreement with Stevie Zimmerman. I was willing to pay upfront. I realize not every author can afford to offer this. I’m just asking to be extra careful before entering into a contract with someone who puts a book up to be auditioned. This may be a thief.

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The Fugitive’s Bride is now available!

This is Book 3 in the Wyoming Series!

This is Wade’s romance.

Here are the books in this series:

This series is now complete. I don’t plan to write any more books for this specific series. I might one day write about Katie, but right now, there’s no plot for her story. I will have to wait until the right time, if such a time comes. I have no plans to write Jeremiah’s story since he has his happy ending, and he’s very happy with the way things turned out.

This has been one of the most satisfying series I’ve ever worked on. I was able to blend in elements I love most into it. I got to blend in humor and serious situations within the series.

While The Rancher’s Bride had the most amount of humor, The Fugitive’s Bride was pretty much serious the entire way through, but I found it intriguing to dive deep into Wade’s personality, and he had a lot of pain and bitterness to go through. So this series gave me plenty of range to explore the heights of humor and depths of despair. I find stuff like that helps me grow most as a writer. And that’s fun.

I’m not really sure what I can say about this book that won’t spoil it, so I’ll just tell you where you can find it. If anyone has any questions about the stories or the characters, feel free to ask.

Also, is anyone here a Google Play/Books reader? If so, I’ll get add a link.

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Barnes & Noble




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