Enchanted Galaxy Series

This is series that blends romance with fantasy. It takes place in a contemporary time period, but it spans other planets, including Earth. If you enjoy fantasy, you’ll probably like this series. If fantasy is not your thing, then you might want to skip this series.

Book 1

A Royal Engagement new ebook cover

Quick description: An ordinary young woman on Earth learns she’s destined to be the queen on another planet…and she’s already engaged to a young man she doesn’t know.

Full description:

Ann Kerwin never expected her life would be anymore exciting than the boring routine of going from class to class at the local college in pursuit of her degree. Then one day, a handsome young man tells her she’s destined to be ruler of another planet. And more than that, he’s going to be her husband unless he fails to protect her along their journey. In that case, she is free to choose someone else.

Of course, it’s ridiculous and she refuses to believe him. Until…he whisks her away from Earth. Then it suddenly becomes very real. But is she ready to be the queen of an entire planet? And is this man really the right one for her?

Being destined for greatness has never been more exhilarating…or overwhelming.

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Book 2

Royal Hearts new cover

Brief description: An old nemesis sends Ann Kerwin back in time on Earth to ensure she never gets to become the queen of Raz. It’s up to Hathor to follow her and compete with her old boyfriend for her affections. Because if she doesn’t choose Hathor, all they have will be lost.

Full Description

Ann Kerwin has been the queen of Raz for a couple years, and everything is going along great. She still has much to learn, but she’s settled into a comfortable routine. Best of all, she’s happy with Hathor and their little girl. But in one instant, everything is taken from her when she’s forced back in time back to Earth. And worse, she doesn’t remember anything about Raz or her marriage to Hathor.

William Nichols has lived a life of regret for six years, and he’s going to make things right–for him. If he can get Ann back to the time in her past when she loved him, he knows he can secure the kingship on Raz and finally have the life of riches and prestige he deserves.

It’s up to Hathor to rescue Ann so he can keep their future intact. But in order to do that, he will need to make her fall in love with him all over again, and he’ll need to do it before an old enemy of Raz takes over Earth.

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Book 3

The Royal Pursuit new cover

Brief description: The queen is sent on a mission to another planet whose roots will take her back to Earth and to someone who has plans to make her his forever if the king doesn’t stop him first.

Full description:

Five years after becoming queen, Ann has enjoyed peace and prosperity on Raz. She has everything she’s ever wanted: a loving husband and children. Then, one day, an alien species seeks an alliance with her world, and this is just the beginning…

On another world, a dying group called the Nicals are desperate. If they don’t do something drastic, they will become extinct. With nothing left to lose, they steal the power in the Olympians’ Stone of Immortality, thereby saving themselves, but unknowingly dooming the Olympians.

Ann is called to help her allies, the Olympians, but if the Nicals give the stone back, they will be back to where they started. A mysterious stranger promises to help them, though whether he truly means to help them isn’t clear, especially when he kidnaps Ann and plans to keep her.

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Book 4

Royal Heiress new cover

Brief description: The new queen has been crowned, and her first order of business is to pick a husband. Thankfully, her dilemma is put off by her first mission: a trip to the lost city of Atlantis on planet Earth. Or…this might be the trip that leads her to the right man to be king.

Full description:

Amanda has been crowned queen, and her first order of business is to pick a husband, a task she doesn’t envy one bit since none of her many suitors appeal to her. What she needs is a distraction, something to give her more time before she has to make the most important decision of her life. And as it turns out, such a distraction occurs.

She’s called to Olympia to helps the gods and goddesses. Her mission is to go to the lost city of Atlantis on Earth and prevent their clones from waking up from hibernation. When she reaches Earth, the city has ascended from the depths of the sea it’s been hiding beneath for centuries. And now she’ll need the help of the one man who can’t stand her in order to set things right.

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