Substitute Bride

(Disclaimer, this used to be under my pen name Kate Page.  I have decided to get rid of Kate Page to simplify my life.  So I am republishing it under my name, Ruth Ann Nordin.)

Kevin Edwards stands to inherit one million dollars.  The catch?  He must get married by Valentine’s Day.  With only a month to spare, he seeks out the first woman who catches his interest: Tammy.  But his best friend, Alexandra (Alex) Dixon is convinced he’s making the biggest mistake of his life.  So she decides she will take Tammy’s place and be his bride instead.  Can she convince him that things will be much better if they become more than friends or will he say “I do” to the wrong woman?

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online proposal new ebook cover

Colleen O’Hara’s friend is playing matchmaker. Not only is her friend tossing her a bridal bouquet, but she has the perfect man in mind for her to marry. All she needs is Colleen’s permission to give Mr. Perfect her email address. And Drake Reed sounds wonderful. So wonderful, in fact, Colleen accepts his online proposal.

But before vows are exchanged, she will visit him. Unfortunately, there’s one small snag preventing her from her happy ending. And that snag happens to be someone he used to have a crush on in high school.

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Short Comedic Story

A rose with some lighting in the background

This is a humorous look at a cowboy who wishes for a wife…and suddenly gets one.

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No audiobook made due to how short it is.

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