Nebraska Timeline

Please note that the Nebraska Romance Collection does not have to be read in order.  The only books that might fit a certain link are Eye of the Beholder, His Redeeming Bride, and Isaac’s Decision because of the end of Eye of the Beholder and how it affects the other two books.  But those aren’t necessary to read in that order.

Below are links to the family trees for the main characters in the Nebraska Romance Collection.  This is a work in progress, so I’ll add to it as I go along.

Also, this page will include more than family trees.  I’d like to link up character interviews, but that is going to take time to sort through all those as well.  I’ll do it as time permits.  😀

Click here to get the PDF copy of the Larson Family Tree (Note: I’m not an artist. This is the best I could do.)


Families in the Nebraska Romance Collection

The Larson Family

1st and 2nd Generation Larsons

3rd Generation Larsons – working on the list

The Connealy Family

1st Generation

more to come

The Craftsman Family

1st Generation

more to come

When the Larsons Came to Omaha

The Larsons left New York in 1864 with a wagon train because of the Homestead Act.  They settled in Omaha around the fall of 1864.

more to come…