Perfectly Matched (Husbands for the Larson Sisters: Book 2)

Due out March 27!

Tom and Jessica Larson’s four daughters are all grown up. The oldest is finally married. That means the other three are next.

Jim Griffin is in trouble. The moment he arrives in Omaha looking for a place to stay, Patricia and Erin Larson have decided he will marry one of them. And the longer he’s a guest in their home, the louder those wedding bells are ringing!

Their father isn’t as excited by the prospect of an upcoming marriage as they are, and he does everything he can to discourage Jim from getting too close to them. Meanwhile, their mother has other plans and is more than happy to look for ways to get him to spend time with each of them.

This cute and sweet romantic comedy takes a look an overwhelmed bachelor who is at the mercy of two sisters who are determined to get a husband.

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