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Ruth Ann Nordin mainly writes historical western romances and Regencies. From time to time, she branches out to contemporaries romances and other genres (such as science fiction thrillers). For more information, please go to or check out

Other People (Another Writing for Passion Post)

Skip this post if you don’t want to hear me do another “writing for passion” post. (I received feedback a while back that someone was tired of reading these types of posts. So I figured I’d give the heads up … Continue reading

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His Redeeming Bride Trivia

Today I thought I’d give some trivia about this book… 1. This was the last book I submitted to a publisher when I was thinking of going the traditional publishing route. (Eye of the Beholder was the first book I … Continue reading

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People I Have NOT Heard From About The Stagecoach Bride (If you’re on this list, check your spam folder.)

This is the only post I’m going to make regarding this. I don’t want to keep cluttering up my blog trying to get in touch with people who have a copy of The Stagecoach Bride. So this is the only … Continue reading

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