Crossovers In My Romances

This page is a work in progress and will be updated as I write more books.

On this page, I will explain where characters who play a part in one series show up in another.

I color coordinated the books in each series in the historical western division to help identify each series better, but if this is distracting, let me know, and I’ll change it.

Also, if I missed anything, feel free to let me know in the comments.

My Regencies

This is an easy one.  All of my Regencies take place in the same “world”.  This means that you’ll find characters from one book pop up in another one as that character fits into the story.

Quick note: Ethan (Lord Edon) and Mr. Christopher Robinson are my two favorite Regency characters, so they show up in a lot of books as secondary characters. To save on space, just remember that Ethan is the hero in A Most Unsuitable Earl and Christopher is the hero in His Reluctant Lady.


If you want to read each book in chronological order, here it is:

The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife (Marriage by Scandal: Book 1) – This features Nate (Lord Roderick) and Claire Lowell; prominent secondary characters are Mr. Christopher Robinson, Lilly Lowell, and Perry (Lord Clement)

Breaking the Rules (Marriage by Design: Book 1) – This features Lilly Lowell and Mr. Roger Morris is the hero; prominent secondary characters are Emilia Stewart, Kitty Farrow, Benjamin (Lord Valentine), and Aaron (Lord Northton); special appearances by Mr. Christopher Robinson and Ethan (Lord Edon)

Nobody’s Fool (Marriage by Design: Book 2) – This features Emilia Stewart and Benjamin (Lord Valentine); prominent secondary characters are Mr. Roger Morris, Lilly, Kitty Farrow, and Michael (who later plays a prominent role in A Deceptive Wager)

A Deceptive Wager (Marriage by Design: Book 3) – This features Aaron (Lord Northton) and Kitty Farrow; prominent secondary characters are Michael (from Nobody’s Fool), Roger, Lilly, Benjamin, and Emilia; special appearances by Ethan (Lord Edon) and Nate (Lord Roderick)

Her Counterfeit Husband – not part of a series; This features Anna and Jason; this one overlaps with A Most Unsuitable Earl in the timeline where we see Ethan (Lord Edon); Anna and Jason will have a role in If It Takes A Scandal where the heroine is Candace; I introduce Candace in this book

A Most Unsuitable Earl (Marriage by Scandal: Book 2) –  This features Ethan (Lord Edon) and Lady Catherine; prominent secondary characters are Mr. Christopher Robinson, Agatha, and Claire

His Reluctant Lady (Marriage by Scandal: Book 3) – This features Mr. Christopher Robinson and Agatha (Lady Richfield); prominent secondary characters are Perry (Lord Clement), Ethan, Catherine, Nate, and Claire; the wager that is the plot in The Earl’s Secret Bargain is first mentioned here

The Earl’s Scandalous Wife (Marriage by Scandal: Book 4) – This features Perry (Lord Clement) and Paula Leighton; prominent secondary characters are Christopher, Agatha, and Nate

The Earl’s Secret Bargain (Marriage by Deceit: Book 1) – This features Toby (Lord Davenport) and Regina Giles; prominent secondary characters are Helena, Orlando (Lord Reddington)

Love Lessons With The Duke (Marriage by Deceit: Book 2) – This features Camden (Duke of Ashbourne) and Helena; prominent secondary characters are Regina, Chloe, Melissa, Logan (Lord Toplyn), Ethan and Christopher; special appearance by Orlando

Ruined By The Earl (Marriage by Deceit: Book 3) – This features Logan (Lord Toplyn) and Melissa; prominent secondary characters are Regina, Chloe, and Mr. Malcolm Jasper (hero in His Wicked Lady)

The Earl’s Stolen Bride (Marriage by Deceit: Book 4) – This features Orlando (Lord Reddington) and Regina; prominent secondary characters are Toby, Regina, Helena, and Melissa; special appearance by Dr. Derek Westward (hero in Her Devilish Marquess)

An Earl In Time (Fairytale Regency Romance; very brief mention of Lord Steinbeck and Lord Clement at the end, but this is a standalone; also contains magical and gothic elements similar to what you’ll find in the Grimm’s fairy tales; I did a post about it if you want more information) – due out summer 2021

His Wicked Lady (Marriage by Arrangement: Book 1) – This features Mr. Malcolm Jasper and Regan; prominent secondary characters are Logan and Melissa (from Ruined by the Earl), Warren (Lord Steinbeck), Danette, and Lady Iris.

Her Devilish Marquess (Marriage by Arrangement: Book 2) – This features Dr. Derek Westward and Danette; prominent secondary characters are Regan, Logan, Ethan, Christopher, and Warren. I introduce Anthony (hero of The Viscount’s Runaway Bride) in this one.

The Earl’s Wallflower Bride (Marriage by Arrangement: Book 3) This features Warren (Lord Steinbeck) and Lady Iris; prominent secondary characters are Mr. Malcolm Jasper; special appearance by Miss Celia Barlow (from Taming the Viscountess) and Miss Loretta Barlow (from The Rake’s Vow)

The Viscount’s Runaway Bride (Marriage by Bargain: Book 1) – This features Anthony (Lord Worsley) and Damara; prominent secondary characters are Miss Celia Barlow, Miss Loretta Bachman, Corin (Lord Durrant), and Lady Eloise. I introduce Captain Sebastian (who later becomes Viscount Erandon in Taming the Viscountess).

The Rake’s Vow (Marriage by Bargain: Book 2) – This features Tad (Duke of Lambeth) and Loretta Bachman; prominent secondary characters are Miss Celia Barlow, Brad Bachman (Lord Youngtown; hero in Married in Haste), Stephen Bachman (hero in The Marriage Contract), Corin (Lord Durrant), and Lady Eloise; special appearances by Mr. Malcolm Jasper, Warren (Lord Steinbeck), Ethan (Lord Edon), Mr. Christopher Robinson, and Candace (from Her Counterfeit Husband).

Taming The Viscountess (Marriage by Bargain: Book 3) – This features Captain Sebastian (Viscount Erandon) and Celia; prominent secondary characters are Ethan (Lord Edon), Mr. Christopher Robinson, Loretta, Anthony, Damara, Lady Eloise; special appearances by Tad, Miss Tara Webb (The Perfect Duke)

If It Takes A Scandal (Marriage by Bargain: Book 4) – This features Corin (Lord Durrant) and Candace; prominent secondary characters are Jason and Anna from Her Counterfeit Husband and Celia. Special appearances by Anthony, Tad, and Sebastian.

The Reclusive Earl (Marriage by Fate: Book 1) This features Miss Opal Beaufort and Landon (Lord Farewell); prominent secondary characters are Iris and Warren (from The Earl’s Wallflower Bride), Miss Ava Baynes

Married In Haste (Marriage by Fate: Book 2) This features Brad (Lord Youngtown) and Miss Ava Baynes; prominent secondary characters are Opal, Mr. Stephan Bachman (from The Marriage Contract), Loretta (from The Rake’s Vow), Lady Eloise

Make Believe Bride (Marriage by Fate: Book 3) This features Piers (Lord Whitney) and Lady Stacey; prominent secondary characters Ethan (Lord Edon) and Mr. Christopher Robinson

The Perfect Duke (Marriage by Fate: Book 4) This features Nick (the Duke of Ravenshire) and Miss Tara Webb; prominent secondary characters are Ethan (Lord Edon) and Mr. Christopher Robinson

Kidnapping the Viscount (Marriage by Fate: Book 5) – This features Gill (Viscount Powell) and Miss Heather Duff; prominent secondary characters are Mr. Charles Duff (from A Perilous Marriage), Logan (Lord Toplyn from Ruined by the Earl), and Tara; special appearance by Julian (Vicar Roskin from The Wedding Pact)

Secret Admirer (Marriage by Obligation: Book 1)to be written late 2021

Midnight Wedding (Marriage by Obligation: Book 2)to be written 2022

The Duke’s Return (Marriage by Obligation: Book 3)to be written 2022

The Marriage Contract (Marriage by Fairytale: Book 1) – This features Mr. Stephen Bachman and Patricia Cotter; prominent secondary characters are Loretta and Tad (from The Rake’s Vow), Brad and Ava (from Married In Haste), Lewis (Lord Pruett), Marcy; special appearance by Julian (Vicar Roskin).

One Enchanted Evening (Marriage by Fairytale: Book 2) This features Lewis (Lord Pruett) and Marcy; prominent secondary characters are Stephen, Patricia, Julian (Vicar Roskin); special appearance by Baldwin (the Duke of Edmondstone)

The Wedding Pact (Marriage by Fairytale: Book 3) – This features Julian (Vicar Roskin) and Miss Ophelia Crowe; prominent secondary characters are Lewis, Marcy, Stephen, and Patricia.

Fairest of Them All (Marriage by Fairytale: Book 4) This features Evander (the Duke of Sutherton) and Miss Viola Keane; prominent secondary characters are Marcy, Baldwin (the Duke of Edmondstone)

The Duke’s Secluded Bride (Marriage by Fairytale: Book 5) – This features Baldwin (the Duke of Edmondstone and Dinah; prominent secondary characters are Marcy and Lewis; special appearance by Nate (Lord Roderick from The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife)

A Perilous Marriage (Marriage by Necessity: Book 1) – This features Mr. Charles Duff and Eris; prominent secondary characters are Reina, Byron, Algernon. due out May 27, 2021

The Cursed Earl (Marriage by Necessity: Book 2)This features Algernon (Lord Draconhawthshire) and Miss Reina Livingstone; prominent secondary characters are Charles, Eris, Guy (Lord Quinton), Ethan (Lord Edon), Mr. Christopher Robinson.  due out September/October 2021

Heiress of Misfortune (Marriage by Necessity: Book 3)due out January/Feb 2022

(more to come for Regencies)


My Historical Westerns

This is where it gets tricky.  From time to time, a secondary character in one series will be the main character in another one.   I will give these books in chronological order.  (Some timelines will overlap, so I’ll do my best.)

Here are the books (with important characters listed) that crossover:

Wagon Trail Bride (Pioneer Series: Book 1) – Richard Larson is the hero in this story.  We also meet Pa and Ma Larson, Sally, Tom, Jenny, Dave, and Joel when they were younger.

The Marriage Agreement (Pioneer Series: Book 2) – Richard and Amanda Larson show up in this book.

Groom For Hire (Pioneer Series: Book 3) – brief appearance of Amanda and Richard Larson

Forced Into Marriage (Pioneer Series: Book 4) – brief appearance by Michelle and Joe Otto at the end

Her Heart’s Desire (Nebraska Series: Book 1) – Sally Larson’s book

A Bride For Tom (Nebraska Series: Book 2) – Tom Larson’s book

A Husband For Margaret (Nebraska Series: Book 3) – Sally, Jenny, and the other Larsons show up in this book

Eye Of The Beholder (Nebraska Series: Book 4) – Dave Larson’s book

The Wrong Husband (Nebraska Series: Book 5) – Jenny Larson’s book

Shotgun Groom (Nebraska Series: Book 6) – Joel Larson’s book

To Have And To Hold (Nebraska Series: Book 7) – Dave Larson’s second book

His Redeeming Bride (Nebraska Series: Book 8) – Neil Craftsman’s book; has Dave and Mary to some extent

Forever Yours (Nebraska Series: Book 9) – Dave’s third book; features Ma & Pa Larson, along with Richard, Sally, Tom, Jenny, and Joel and their spouses and children. (Think of it as an unofficial epilogue to the Nebraska Series for this particular group of Larsons.)

Loving Eliza (South Dakota Series: Book 1) – Eliza originally showed up in His Redeeming Bride and is the heroine in this book

The Bride Price (Misled Mail Order Brides: Book 1) – Sep (Joel Laron’s brother-in-law in Shotgun Groom) is the hero of this book; features Joel and April Larson with brief appearance by Owen and Jenny Russell

The Rejected Groom (Misled Mail Order Brides: Book 2) – will feature Amanda and Richard’s twin sons, Tony and Mark, and Sep; also features Amanda and Richard Larson, Owen and Jenny Russell, and Tom and Jessica Larson

The Perfect Wife (Misled Mail Order Brides: Book 3) – will feature Amanda and Richard’s twin sons, Mark and Tony, and Sep; will also feature Amanda and Richard Larson, Owen Russell

The Imperfect Husband (Misled Mail Order Brides: Book 4) – will feature Amanda and Richard’s daughter, Annabelle

Bid For A Bride (South Dakota Series: Book 2) – features Eliza from Loving Eliza

Isaac’s Decision (Nebraska Series: Book 10) – Isaac Larson (Dave and Mary Larson’s oldest son

Nelly’s Mail Order Husband (Husbands for the Larson Sisters Series: Book 1) – Tom and Jessica’s oldest daughter is Nelly

Perfectly Matched (Husbands for the Larson Sisters Series: Book 2) – Tom and Jessica’s second daughter is Patricia; Nelly and Val from Book 1 in the series substantially in it; mention of events from A Bride for Tom; I introduce hero in Suitable for Marriage here; small cameo of Eva Connealy from Isaac’s Decision

Suitable for Marriage (Husbands for the Larson Sisters Series: Book 3) – Tom and Jessica’s third daughter is Erin; has Patricia in it quite a bit – due out late 2021 (maybe November)

Mitch’s Win (Montana Series: Book 1) -overlaps with Isaac’s Decision in the timeline; has Boaz from Boaz’s Wager, and Boaz marries Eva Connelly from Isaac’s Decision

Boaz’s Wager (Montana Series: Book 2) – features Eva Connelly from Isaac’s Decision and Rachel Larson from To Have And To Hold

Bride Of Second Chances (South Dakota Series: Book 3) – Jacob Larson (son of Dave and Mary Larson makes a brief appearance in this book); also has Eliza from Loving Eliza and Brian and Lucy from Bid For A Bride

Patty’s Gamble (Montana Series: Book 3) – has Eva Connelly after she married Boaz

Falling In Love With Her Husband (standalone) – has Kent Ashton as the villain, and it has a brief mention of Jake Mitchell from An Inconvenient Marriage

An Inconvenient Marriage (Virginia Series: Book 3) – Jake Mitchell has a brief encounter with Todd Brothers (hero in Falling In Love With Her Husband) and Todd’s father.

Kent Ashton’s Backstory (standalone novella) – has Ann and Todd from Falling In Love With Her Husband (shows his point of view on the events in that story)

Meant To Be (time travel from present to the past) – has Penelope and Cole from “A Chance In Time” and Woape from Restoring Hope in it.

Restoring Hope (Native American Romance Series: Book 1) – has Penelope and Cole from “A Chance In Time”

A Chance In Time (Native American Series: Book 2) – has Ted from Meant To Be and Woape from Restoring Hope in it

Brave Beginnings (Native American Romance Series: Book 3) – has brief mention of Ann and Todd Brothers from Falling In Love With Her Husband toward the end of the book

Bound by Honor Bound by Love (Native American Romance Series: Book 4) – has Penelope and Cole from “A Chance In Time”

Catching Kent (standalone at the moment, though will probably be updated when I write Adam Larson and Jacob Larson’s romances) – has Kent Ashton from Falling In Love With Her Husband and Kent Ashton’s Backstory; story also features Harriett Larson and Stan Craftsman; Mary and Dave Larson are the heroine’s parents

His Convenient Wife (standalone at the moment, with same disclaimer as having potential to be in a series that Catching Kent has) – has Rose Larson (aka Rose Ashton) and Kent Ashton; Mary and Dave Larson are the heroine’s parents; also Neil and Sarah Craftsman (hero’s parents) are featured

Here are the books that have no crossover components at all:

  • The Convenient Mail Order Bride (Chance at Love: Book 1)
  • The Mistaken Mail Order Bride (Chance at Love: Book 2)
  • The Accidental Mail Order Bride (Chance at Love: Book 3)
  • The Bargain Mail Order Bride (Chance at Love: Book 4)
  • An Unlikely Place for Love (Virginia Series: Book 1)
  • The Cold Wife (Virginia Series: Book 2)
  • An Inconvenient Marriage (Virginia Series: Book 3) – though there is a crossover in this book with some others, I put this here because it belongs to the Virginia Series
  • Romancing Adrienne (Virginia Series: Book 4)
  • The Purchased Bride (Nebraska Prairie Series: Book 1)
  • The Bride’s Choice (Nebraska Prairie Series: Book 2)
  • Interview for a Wife (Nebraska Prairie Series: Book 3) – due out July 2021
  • The Outlaw’s Bride (Wyoming Series: Book 1)
  • The Rancher’s Bride (Wyoming Series: Book 2)
  • The Fugitive’s Bride (Wyoming Series: Book 3)
  • The Loner’s Bride (Wyoming Series: Book 4) – due out March 2022
  • The Mail Order Bride’s Deception (standalone novel)


My Contemporaries

To date, there is no crossover between the series, but that might change in the upcoming years.

  • Suddenly a Bride (Across the Stars: Book 1)
  • Runaway Bride (Across the Stars: Book 2)
  • His Abducted Bride (Across the Stars: Book 3)
  • With This Ring I Thee Dread (Omaha Series: Book 1)
  • What Nathan Wants (Omaha Series: Book 2)
  • Just Good Friends (Omaha Series: Book 3)
  • Substitute Bride (standalone novella)
  • Online Proposal (standalone novella; contains no sex)