South Dakota Historical Romances Series

Loving Eliza

Eliza was inspired from His Redeeming Bride (in the Nebraska series).  She was one of the prostitutes that Neil Craftsman was with before he became a changed man.  Now, this is her story of finding a second chance in life.

A chance to be something she never had the opportunity to be before:  a lady–a woman with a good reputation.

John Evans, a mute, has never belonged in his small town.  So when Eliza shows up and treats him better than anyone ever has, he’s ready to marry her before she finds someone she’d rather be with.

But will she accept that love can really be for a woman like her?

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Bid for a Bride

After Loving Eliza, John and Eliza adopt a blind boy named Brian who was abandoned by his father.  Bid for a Bride is Brian’s romance.  The story begins in the quiet South Dakota town where Brian lives.

Lucy finds out the man she just married already has a wife, and what’s worse is that he’s trying to sell her to the highest bidder.  The preacher intervenes and helps her annul her marriage, but he’s aware that Lucy’s week with her bigamist husband might have resulted in a pregnancy.  To protect her reputation, he asks Brian Evans to marry her.  Brian jumps at the chance and proposes to her.  Seeing no other option, Lucy agrees.  But will Brian have the marriage based on love that he longs for or will he always be Lucy’s convenient husband?


Bride of Second Chances

Jeremy Graham made a promise to Rebecca, his wife, that he would never love another woman.  After her death, her sister, Jane Syas, is about to be forced into marrying a man she can’t stand.  Out of a sense of duty to help Rebecca’s younger sister, Jeremy steps in to give her his name and home.  But Jane, who has always been shy and content to hide in the shadows, begins to stir up old feelings—feelings for which Jeremy isn’t prepared for.  Will a marriage that began out of obligation and necessity give a lonely widower a second chance?

Jeremy is Eliza’s real son, and in this book, he’ll discover he’s adopted so he and Jane will search for Eliza.

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