Marriage by Bargain

The Viscount’s Runaway Bride (Book 1)


On his way to his country estate, beautiful Miss Damara Onslow steps into Lord Worsley’s carriage to speak to him about a matter. Little does he know that “the matter” is to offer him money in exchange for them getting married. Since Lord Worsley’s sister had manipulated him into an engagement he did not want, he welcomes Damara’s offer with open arms.

The two wed and spend a winter together. Never had anyone been happier. That is until his sister pries into Damara’s past and threatens their fairytale marriage.

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The Rake’s Vow (Book 2) 


Thaddeus (Tad) Darkin, the Duke of Lambeth, used to be a rake. In fact, before Lord Edon was scandalizing the Ton, Tad was the one everyone was talking about. Many gentlemen secretly wished they had his charm with the ladies. All reputable ladies were warned to stay as far from him as possible, which only made him all the more attractive. Then, after a tragic event, he took a vow of celibacy, promising he would never be intimate with another lady again. Over the years, this caused him to be the most sought-after single gentleman in all of London. And even though he doesn’t want to marry, his steward left him in financial ruin, so whether he likes it or not, he must take a wife.

After being rejected by the gentleman she was hoping to marry, Miss Loretta Bachman is on a mission to save her reputation. She needs to marry someone who will impress the prestigious ladies in her social circle. So when she catches the leader of the group talking about the very handsome and hard-to-get Duke of Lambeth, she’s determined to get him to marry her. All she needs is a little bargaining power, and fortunately for her, she happens to have the money he needs to save his estate.

When she learns of his vow to remain celibate, she agrees to keep away from his bed. After all, her only reason for marrying him is to secure her social standing in London, not to have a love match. All she asks is that he pretends to be deeply in love with her when they’re in public. That way she will succeed in impressing the Ton. But before long, the lines between what is pretend and what is real starts to blur, and it’s hard to decide how far to push the limits of their agreement.

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Taming the Viscountess (Book 3)

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Miss Celia Barlow has always gotten what she wanted. Whether it’s been clothes, jewelry, or social prominence, all she’s had to do was snap her fingers, and it was hers. So when she sets her sights on a certain gentleman, it only makes sense that she should get him, too. Except it doesn’t work out the way she expects. The trap she planned ends up backfiring on her, and the love of her life ends up with someone else.

Upon finding out what Celia did, her brother is furious, and he sets out to marry her off to the first gentleman who’s willing to marry her. That gentleman just happens to be Captain Sebastian Egan who recently inherited his older brother’s title and troubled estate. Add to that his own debts and the fact that his injury prevents him from going back out to sea, he needs money. He doesn’t care how he gets it. He just needs it. And as soon as possible. So he agrees to marry Celia in order to get her dowry.

When Sebastian realizes just how spoiled she is, he takes it upon himself to teach her that her days of manipulation are over. With him, the rules have changed. And he’s determined to prove to everyone that someone like Celia can be tamed, even if it’s going to take a battle of wills to do it.

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If It Takes a Scandal (Book 4)

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Marriage is the last thing they want…

When Candace Daniel’s husband died, she was never so relieved. Lord Hedwrett was one of the cruelest gentlemen in London, and she had to play the submissive wife who was expected to follow his every mandate. Now that he isn’t around to tell her what to do, she is enjoying her newfound freedom going from one social scene to another.

Corin St. George, Earl of Durrant, has spent the past five years building up the impoverished estate he inherited while watching as wives recklessly squandered their husbands’ wealth. He is determined that such a fate will never happen to him. Yes, he plans to marry in order to have an heir, but that won’t happen for a long time.

Sometimes it takes a scandal to bring two people together…

Though Corin was the intended object of the scandal, Candace happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and before the two know it, they are caught in a compromising situation and have to marry. Each blaming the other for the mishap, they go their separate ways as soon as they exchange vows, content to be married while not having to deal with the other person.

A year later, however, they are forced to reunite. And that’s when everything changes.

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