Mapping the Characters

This is a first attempt at mapping out the characters and where they fit into the series.  I sometimes cross series, so that complicates matters.  I might have to hand write it out and scan it as a pdf document. 

The Nebraska Series (First Generation)

Ma and Pa Larson have six children: Richard, Sally, Tom, Dave, Jenny, and Joel.

A Bride for Tom – Tom Larson marries Jessica 

A Husband for Margaret – Joseph Connealy marries Margaret

Eye of the Beholder – Dave Larson marries Mary

The Wrong Husband – Jenny Larson marries Owen Russell

Shotgun Groom – Joel Larson marries April

His Redeeming Bride -Neil Craftsman marries Sarah

Second Generation in the Nebraska Series  (not in order)

Dave and Mary Larson have eight children: Isaac, Elizabeth, Adam, Jacob, Rose, Harriett, and two more that I haven’t named yet

Isaac’s Decision – Isaac Larson marries Emily Craftsman

untitled – Rose Larson marries Jonathan (from Bride of Second Chances)

untitled – Doug and Bob Connealy (the children from A Husband from Margaret) fight over Rachel Larson; Bob wins and marries her

untitled – Doug Connealy has to marry Harriett Larson (has to being the key words)

untitled – Adam Larson marries someone (not sure yet)

untitled – Jacob Larson (owns the mercantile after Ralph Lindon sells it to him) marries someone

untitled – another Larson kid gets married

untitled – another Larson kid gets married

South Dakota Series (First Generation)

Loving Eliza – John Evans marries Eliza

Bid for a Bride – Brian Evans marries Lucy

Bride of Second Chances – Jeremy Graham marries Jane

South Dakota Series (Second Generation)

not sure yet, but I see doing stories based on Jeremy and Jane’s and Brian and Lucy’s children

I might pair up their children with one of Todd and Ann’s from Falling In Love With Her Husband, Julia and Chogan’s from Brave Beginnings, and we’ll see who else

Native American Romance Series

Restoring Hope – Woape marries Gary Milton

Brave Beginnings – Chogan marries Julia Milton

Bound by Honor, Bound by Love – Onawa marries Citlali

A Chance In Time – Cole married Penelope

Other Historical Romances

Meant To Be – Ted Jacob marries Megan

Romancing Adrienne – Caleb Olson marries Adrienne

Falling In Love With Her Husband – Todd Brothers marries Ann

Virginia Brides Series (now contemporary)

An Unlikely Place for Love – Chad Walker marries Kate

The Cold Wife – Justin Monroe marries Carrie

An Inconvenient Marriage – Jake Mitchell marries Sue

Omaha Brides Series (contemporary)

With This Ring, I Thee Dread – Ryan Jackson marries Elizabeth

What Nathan Wants – Nathan Rudolph marries Amy

Just Good Friends – Tyler Jackson marries Tiffany

Across the Stars Series (contemporary)

Suddenly a Bride – Chris West marries Caitlyn

Runaway Bride – Mark Tanner marries Lexie

(can’t decide whether to name it The Write Husband or The Reluctant Bride) – Sandy Davis marries a character from her book (I don’t have a name yet)

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