I Will Write Dave and Mary’s Second Story (And I Found a Picture of Mary!)

More brainstorming…

I’ve been thinking of the amnesia idea I came up with while writing the last post, and I am intrigued by it.  The person with amnesia has to be Mary because she has a lot more vulnerability than Dave does.  She would have to adjust to being a wife to a man she can’t remember and would have to learn how to manage a household with three children.  I’m thinking this story should take place after Dave and Mary have been married for 9 or 10 years, which would put her in her late 20’s.  If the story is in 1883, she’ll be 28; if 1884, then she’ll be 29.  In 1883, Dave would be 31 and 1884, he’d be 32.  At this point they would have three children: Isaac, Rachel and Adam.

I do have the birthdays of the children listed:

Isaac born August 14, 1875
Rachel born February 7, 1879
Adam born March 28, 1882

Okay.  So I just did a check on His Redeeming Bride, and it takes place from 1882 to 1884.  Mary cannot be there to defend Neil at the end of the book if she has amnesia in this time period.  I know she shows up earlier in the story, so 1883 to 1884 is out.  LOL

I’d like the story to come after Shotgun Groom but before His Redeeming Bride.  So considering the birth dates of the children, we’ll do 1880.  Rachel will be 1 and Isaac will be almost 5 at the start of the book.  Now I have to remember when Dave told Isaac he moved the family out of the sod house in Isaac’s Decision.  Okay.  I just checked, and I gave no specifics on Isaac’s age, but he did have memories of living in a sod house, so I think I’ll have the family move out of the sod house right before this story begins.  Isaac would remember some of it if he was 4 and Rachel being a year old would compel Dave to think of a bigger house.  So I think the story should start right during the planting season.

This opens up the door to Mary and Dave going to see her family back in Maine during the summer.  And this is another reason why she needs to be the one with amnesia.  She won’t remember how her family used to call her Plain Mary Peters.  I expect this will come as a shock when she discovers how she was treated before she married Dave, and it opens the door to her confronting some of these people and maybe setting them straight…or Dave might have to do it and maybe that will be the moment she falls in love with him all over again.  Who knows?

It’s funny how many people who read Eye of the Beholder thought Mary was ugly.  I never said she was ugly.  I said she was plain.  She had a bigger than average nose, frizzy hair, a plump build, a pale complexion, and aqua-colored eyes that seemed to change either green or blue depending on her mood.  Now, I couldn’t get an exact picture of how I described her in the book, but I did get awfully close.  So I’ll show the picture that is as close to how I imagine her so you can get an idea of what I mean by plain.

This model is thinner and has straight hair, but this is a good approximation of what Mary looks like.  Compared to more beautiful women, some men would consider her ugly.  Remember that each person has their definition of what beauty and ugly means.  But I never thought of Mary as ugly. She just wasn’t one of those women who make you drop everything to look at them, and if she was in school, chances are, the boys wouldn’t think to ask her out.

Dave never thought she was ugly when he first saw her.  Neil did.  Dave thought she was attractive enough.  It was her eyes and smile and her breast size that attracted him the most, but it was her ability to be nice in the middle of being cut down by Neil that sealed the deal for him.  One thing that Dave has over his brothers is his ability to make sound judgement on an objective level.  Tom and Joel are more likely to let their emotions dictate their decisions, which is why Tom ended up being clumsy around Jessica and Joel resisted April for as long as he did when he was forced to marry her.

As for Richard, I honestly don’t have any thoughts on him, and he has yet to compel me either way.  It’s possible I might find something out about him as I write Sally Larson’s book, Her Heart’s Desire.  Since he’s closer to her age, there might be an opening for him.  I know he supports Sally a little more than her other brothers who tend to view her as a nuisance since she can’t help but stick her nose in other people’s business in her desire to make people feel like a part of the family.  Her heart’s in the right place, but she doesn’t know when to back off.

Wow.  I didn’t expect to go off on so many tangents.  But hey, what do you know?  I just did character sketches without realizing it.  LOL

I do love the Larsons.  They are a lot of fun to write about.

So I see lots of potential for the amnesia angle with Mary Larson and will go ahead and plan on writing the book.  I think I’ll start it at 500 words a day when I finish Shotgun Groom.  The first draft to Shotgun Groom is estimated to be done around October 12, and I want to publish is early to mid-November.  But around October 12, I will start on Dave and Mary’s second book because the plot now has me so intrigued that I have to write it.

I’m calling the book To Have and To Hold.

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12 Responses to I Will Write Dave and Mary’s Second Story (And I Found a Picture of Mary!)

  1. wow .. that sounds so interesting and fascinating .. i can’t wait .. even now whenever i check my email i’m waiting for your post … your old daily post with a part of the story you are working .. but i understand your motives not to publish the stories on you blog so .. now i’m waiting for any kind of news on the stories.. you are still my favorite writer .. good luck in writing and lots of health to you and your family

    • Thanks! I appreciate that. I do miss the first draft blog. I wish all that bad stuff hadn’t happened. I plan to put up a story excerpt tonight. I know it’s not the same as the first draft blog, but at least I can still share a bit of what I’m doing as I work on it. 😀

  2. mitchelle says:

    oh my gosh!!!! thank you so much Ruth!!! thank you, thank you! you just made my day! now i can go to sleep with a smile on my lips! oh my gosh!!! lol! thank you again! i’ve been waiting for Mary and Dave’s second story since i finished reading Eye of the Beholder. although i might disagree with you on the part that the readers of Eye of the Beholder thinks she’s ugly because i didn’t. anyways, thanks again! now i’m excited i hope i can sleep! lol! 😀

    • Thanks! I’m glad you’re excited about it. I’m excited now that I got something I can work with! I see lots of potential with the amnesia plot, so I’m using it. 😀

      I think most people knew Mary wasn’t ugly. I just got a couple reviews on Amazon where people referred to her as ugly, and it surprised me. LOL I think people who get me and understand the books I write (like you) understood that she was on the plain side. 🙂

      • mitchelle says:

        i so totally love Mary.. and the moment I saw your post that you said that you will write their second story, I was like, “Gosh what a birthday gift! :)” . well advanced really because today is my actual birthday and i read the post last night.. lol! 🙂
        thanks again for writing this Ruth! 🙂

        • Happy Birthday! 😀

          The more I think of what to do for Mary and Dave, the more excited I am. Now I want to finish up Shotgun Groom so I can get to it. I figure I have another month (maybe a little less) and then I can work on it. 🙂

  3. mitchelle says:

    thank you! 😀

    i’m sure you can finish Shotgun Groom in no time then you’ll be able to start on the most awaited story of all, To Have and To Hold (well it is my most awaited story, i don’t know about the others. lol! )

    • I’ve received more requests for a second Dave and Mary story than any other book, so you’re not alone. I would have written it sooner if I had a plot that I thought was worth writing. I’m glad something suddenly clicked. It’s weird. Two years of thinking about a good plot got me nowhere, and then this week, it just worked out. 😀

      I have a lot of character interviews to catch up on. A lot of the characters want me to bring them on, and I can’t decide who to go with. :O Maybe I’ll do one more with Joel and April and then move on to Sally, Rick, Emily and Isaac.

  4. mitchelle says:

    well i’m just so happy that you finally have the plot for Mary and Dave’s second story now.
    and i miss your character interviews badly!

    • For the longest time, Joel was bugging me every day about his book, and suddenly he’s all quiet. I managed to get him on one more time tonight, but I think he’s going to be too happy being a husband to come back.

      Fortunately, I got Emily, Isaac, Sally and Rick to interview. I know Dave will want to talk (well, maybe yell) at me about marrying Isaac and Emily. hehe I’m sure that will be an interesting one. Maybe I should hide for cover. 😀

  5. mitchelle says:

    you should hide from Dave from the moment he got news of Isaac and Emily getting married…. 🙂 do you think Cassie will have an appearance in Isaac’s book?

    • LOL No kidding. Dave’s going to be ready to kill me. 😛

      I’d like for Emily to search for Cassie and find her. It would be hard for Emily but also provide some closure, I think. I’m not sure the characters are on board with the idea though. I’ll have to write and see. They’ve already delayed some things for me.

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