The Keeping of Greg Wilson (a poll)

I’ve gotten quite a few emails over the past few months about The Keeping of Greg Wilson.  I’ve already decided I won’t write any more novellas or short stories.  I had plans to write a couple, but they aren’t popular with people.  People would rather read my full-length novels, especially my historical westerns.  I don’t mind that, especially since I prefer to write them.  I still have a couple of other full-length books on the “to write” list, such as Just Good Friends, Runaway Bride, and The Write Husband (which are all contemporary).  I also plan to have Bound by Honor, Bound by Love out in July 2012, and while it’s a historical western, it’s not what most people are hoping I publish.  However, I’ve gotten enough emails about that book where it got my attention to bump it up on the “to write” list. 

My goal is to publish five historical westerns (mainly the Nebraska series books) each year.  I can see filling in one other book, like a contemporary romance, in the sixth book slot.  The nice thing is that Bound by Honor, Bound by Love will finish up the Native American Romance series.  I won’t be writing any more books based on that world. 

I state all of the above so everyone is updated on what I plan to do with those other books.  However, this post is based on The Keeping of Greg Wilson.  I’m willing to put it back up, but if I do, I’ll do a rewrite of it.  When I wrote it, I planned to submit it to the Harlequin Mini line or another romance publisher.  It was intended to be 15,000 words because that was the required word count with Harlequin for their mini line.  I don’t know if this book would expand into a full-length novel or not. It might remain a novella, like A Bride for Tom (at 28,000 words or so–I don’t remember for sure).   

Another change I’d make to The Keeping of Greg Wilson is converting it to my style as it is today.  You see, when I wrote the original back in 2008, I had Harlequin in mind, and if anyone has read Harlequin enough, you’ll know the focus is on lust more than tenderness leading to love.  I prefer the tenderness and love option, myself, but see, that is why I kept getting rejected by Harlequin.  I had submitted Eye of the Beholder and His Redeeming Bride to them, and while they liked the books, there wasn’t enough of that conflict between the hero and heroine and sexual focus (aka lust) in my books.  So when I wrote The Keeping of Greg Wilson, I had Harlequin’s requirements in mind. 

The other novella I was planning to write called Mitch’s Win is going to be a Nebraska series story.  The basic plot was that a man was going to win his future wife in a game.  I didn’t have the details planned out, but that’s why I had the cover with the cards featuring the 2 of Hearts on it.  (I’m not sure if anyone remembers it or not.)  I didn’t give up on the plot idea.  What I did was convert it over for a future Larson book and Mitch’s name will change.  I don’t know which Larson I plan to use, though.

And while I’m rambling, Shotgun Groom is a spinoff of The Keeping of Greg Wilson.  The basic premise was that a man was going to be forced into marriage, and wallah, Joel Larson was forced into marriage in Shotgun Groom, except the circumstances were different than they were in The Keeping of Greg Wilson.  (Shotgun Groom is due to be published next month.  It’s currently with the content editor.)

Anyway, so I would rewrite it so that it’s more on par with what I write today.  This means it wouldn’t be out right away and I’d put a price on it.  $0.99 for a novella or $2.99 for a full-length novel.  I’d also publish it sometime in 2012.  Rewrites take awhile, and I’d have to run it through two editors (content and copy) first before I’d put it out there.

So, let me know if you want to see The Keeping of Greg Wilson rewritten and put back up, let me know in the poll below.  (And yes, I’d keep the cover.)

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5 Responses to The Keeping of Greg Wilson (a poll)

  1. tarasz says:

    It would really be nice to see this rewritten as a full-length novel 🙂 ..
    Its really an interesting one.

    • I don’t know if it’ll be full-length, but it’ll be longer than what it is now. If it turns out well, I might go ahead and plan on making Mitch’s Win another book in the series. I’d like to get it to full-length, but we’ll see how it turns out. I’m sure as I go along, I’ll get more ideas. If I end up expanding this into a series, I’ll have it the Montana Series for a chance in location. I love Nebraska and South Dakota, but a new state wouldn’t be so bad. 😀

  2. i voted yes. I mention this because my &^%$ browser has no checkboxes 99% of the time (no idea why) so I just have to sort of click where I think one might go 😉

    • Thanks for letting me know. I guess there’s something with the way the poll place (poll daddy, is it?) formats their options that make it hard for some browsers to pick up.

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