Owen Interviews Suspect #2: Joel Larson

Joel Larson: Suspect #2 in who kidnapped Dave Larson

 Owen: Where were you on March 9 when Dave Larson went missing?

Joel: I was tending to an ailing man.

Owen: Where does this man live?

Joel: On 13th Street.  Is this important?

Owen: It could be.  How long were you at this man’s residence?

Joel: *sigh* I don’t know.  Maybe half an hour.

Owen: Did you see other patients that day?

Joel: I made another house call to a mother whose son had an upset stomach.

Owen: And where does she live?

Joel: On Mayberry Road.

Owen: And how long were you there?

Joel: Probably half an hour.  Is there a point to this?

Owen: Actually, there is.  You left Doctor Adams around 9am and didn’t make it back until almost 4pm.  Being at the two places you mentioned took a total of an hour, and you took a horse to them.  It would have taken you about an hour to get from 13th to Mayberry.  So you were gone for seven hours and can only account for two of those hours.

Joel: I also picked up more medicine and supplies.

Owen: And how long did that take?

Joel: About an hour, but I also had to eat, give my horse a chance to rest, and help a family lost in the area to a relative’s house. 

Owen: Why didn’t you mention all of this earlier?

Joel: Because I was thinking of work when you asked about my day.

Owen: I notice that Dave lives just north of Mayberry.

Joel: So?

Owen: I also notice even with all the things you reported doing that day, you have a good three hours unaccounted for.

Joel: Well, you’re asking me to think back to things that happened over a month ago. 

Owen: And considering how much missing time there is in that day and the fact that the only people I talked to who can vouch for your story are Doctor Adams, the sick man, and the woman.

Joel: You’re a dork.  If you already talked to them, then why are you asking me these questions?

Owen: To see if your story matches up.  But I can’t explain where that missing time comes in.

Joel: Well, I already told you where I was that day.  Now that we wasted my time, I need to help the doctor.

Owen: Not so fast, Joel.  We’ve just established that you have no solid alibi for that day.  What I want to examine is motive.  You, probably more than everyone else, can’t stand Dave. 

Joel: That’s not true.  It’s not that I can’t stand him.  It’s that he likes to steal the spotlight from every other character.

Owen: Which is why you kidnapped him.  With him out the way, you could finally achieve the coveted spot of the most popular hero Ruth Ann Nordin has ever written.

Joel: No.  I didn’t kidnap him, and I seriously doubt even if Dave never had a book written about him, I’d be the favorite hero.  Sure, some like me the most, but given the amount of books out there…

Owen: So you’re planning on kidnapping all of the heroes so you can accomplish your goal.  You’re beginning of a life of crime as a serial kidnapper?

Joel: What is wrong with you?  A serial kidnapper?  I’ve never heard of anything more ridiculous.  Has your job gone to your head?

Owen: I just need to cover all my bases. 

Joel: Yeah.  *rolls eyes* Sure.

Owen: But the fact remains, you’re glad he’s gone.  In Joseph Connealy’s article, you said that were glad he’s gone and called him the biggest whiner around

Joel: That doesn’t prove I’m the kidnapper, though it might prove I’d thank the kidnapper when I find out who did it.

Owen: Maybe.  Maybe not.  But don’t leave town, Joel.  I’m keeping my eye on you.

Joel: I’m soooo scared.  *shakes head and leaves*

Owen Russell was born and raised in Baton Rogue, Louisiana where he became an expert fisherman.  In 1876, he moved to Omaha, Nebraska, and through a series of unanticipated events he became the deputy under Sheriff Meyer.  To this day, he is still a deputy, a job he not only loves but is dedicated to doing. 

Sidenote: While this character lives in the 1800′s, for the sake of this blog (and the fact that I couldn’t find a picture that served as a good fit for that time period), I picked a picture of him with a laptop.

About Ruth Ann Nordin

Ruth Ann Nordin mainly writes historical western romances and Regencies. From time to time, she branches out to contemporaries romances and other genres (such as science fiction thrillers). For more information, please go to www.ruthannnordin.com or check out https://ruthannnordinauthorblog.wordpress.com.
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  1. Karen Miller says:

    Joel as my favorite hero I know you could not have kidnapped Dave. I have faith in you. Don’t let Owen get to you because truth will prevail in the end.

  2. Kesia Saenz says:

    hmmmmm…..highly suspicious……I don’t think he’s as innocent as he seems…..hmmmm **scratches head***

  3. Hmmm. I don’t think he did it. But you never know. LOL

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