Story Sample Sunday: Falling In Love With Her Husband

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Yes, I wrote Falling In Love With Her Husband from the first person point of view, and it was given from Ann’s Point of View and Todd’s Point of View.  It turned out to be confusing, so I never did this method of storytelling again.  (Live and learn.)

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Tomorrow, I’m posting a new scene from Kent Ashton’s Backstory, so I wanted to present this post as a background to go with it.  The scene tomorrow takes place after this scene I’m posting today.

Note: Falling In Love With Her Husband is the combination and revision of Todd’s Bride and Ann’s Groom.  Please do not waste your time reading Todd’s Bride or Ann’s Groom.  Read Falling In Love With Her Husband instead.


This is Ann’s Point of View

            On Monday, I entered the classroom.  I quickly waved to Debbie and Rachel as I headed straight for my desk.

“Ann, may I say something?” Todd asked as I passed him.

I stopped, not because I wanted to but because it would be rude if I didn’t.  I clutched my books to my chest and waited.  He wouldn’t say anything in front of the entire class.  Would he?  I had the sinking sensation that he wanted to court me and hoped to make sure the conversation regarding it never came up.

He stood up.  He smoothed his hair and adjusted his tie.  “I’m glad to see you made it.”

I shrugged.  “It was either come here or stay bored at home, staring at the walls.” It was a dumb joke but it was all I could think of.  I glanced at my seat which was a couple of rows from him.

“Did I upset you Friday when I talked about Alex?  I know he bothers you.”

“You’re his friend.  I expect you to mention him.” I sighed.  “I suppose he shouldn’t irk me so.  I mean, it’s not like he does anything to me and no one else seems to mind his pranks.  It probably doesn’t help that I keep calling him Creepy Alex either.”

He chuckled.  “He calls you Scary Annie.”

I frowned.  “I’m not scary.”

“Well, you did hit him with a broom.”

I giggled.  “That was funny, wasn’t it?”

“Good for you,” someone interrupted.  “I think Creepy Alex is an apt term.  However, I can’t imagine you being scary, even if you did come after me with a broom.”

I paused and turned around so I could see the person who spoke.  Dark brown hair, clear green eyes, and a great smile.  This had to be Kent.  And he was handsome!  I imagined someone from New York would be fascinating but he put all of my fantasies to shame.  I thought he was rude to listen to what Todd and I said, but since he set his books on the desk in front of Todd, I realized he couldn’t help but overhear if that’s where he had to sit.

“I’m Kent Ashton.”  He kissed my hand.

I stared at him, bewildered that he could be so bold.  That must be how New Yorkers were.  Bold and charming.  I cleared my throat.  “Todd told me you came here last week.”

“Yes.  My family moved from New York.”

“I know.  He told me that too.”

“We can always talk later when your family comes over to see mine,” Todd said.

Remembering Todd, I looked at him.  “What?”

His smile faltered.  “Never mind.  I just wanted to apologize for mentioning Alex on Friday.”

“Oh.  It’s alright.  I wasn’t upset with you.”

He nodded and sat down.

Blushing, because Kent still had his beautiful green eyes on me, I shyly said that it was nice to meet him and walked to my desk.  I had no idea what to say to him.  He was much more sophisticated than me.  To my surprise, he followed me.

“May I hang your coat in the back of the room?”

My heart skipped a beat.  “Uh…” None of the young men had offered to do that before.  But Kent was from New York.  Maybe young men did that kind of thing there.

“I promise I won’t run off with it,” he teased.

I laughed.  “I know.”

Feeling somewhat awkward and aware that Debbie and Rachel watched me with amused expressions, I took my coat off and handed it to him.  I watched as he put it on one of the hooks.

He returned to me.  “I hope you don’t think I’m overstepping my bounds, but I think you’re the best looking lady in this room.” Then he went to his seat.

My eyes grew wide.  He was definitely bold!  I numbly sat down and stared ahead at the front of the room where the teacher was getting the day’s lecture ready.  Kent Ashton was better than I thought he’d be.  The teacher stood up to speak, so I turned to my books and got my things ready for the day.

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  1. This sounds like a possible love triangle….

    • The premise of the story was sort of along those lines, but it was more of how Ann fell in love with Todd after she rushed into a hasty marriage with him because Kent ended their courtship to be with Rebecca. (It turns out Rebecca was “pregnant” and that time period insisted that Kent had to do right by her and marry her. But when I put “pregnant” in quotes, what I also mean is that Kent was deceived. That’s what his backstory is going to show. But see, by the time he realizes what happened – because he never did sleep with Rebecca; she got him drunk to think he did – Ann’s already married to Todd and was in love with him.) This is turning into a fun story to write because it gets to show what was really going on during the whole thing. 😀

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