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Everything is on track for Kent Ashton’s Backstory and Catching Kent.  I’m estimating that both will be published on October 7.  They will go up on Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords first. Then they will go up on the other sites (Kobo, Sony, Apple, and other channels Smashwords distributes to) within a month or two after that.

falling in love with her husband

I’m in the process of making very light (and I mean “very light”) modifications to Falling In Love With Her Husband.  For example, I deleted chapter 1.  Honestly, I think the first chapter was boring.  The book is much better off starting at chapter 2 instead.  Another example, as one of my editors pointed out, I had Rebecca reported at having a miscarriage in a two-month period.  That didn’t work out in Kent Ashton’s Backstory.  So I removed the two months from Falling In Love With Her Husband and just put that Rebecca “had” a miscarriage.  I put “had” in quotes because things are not quite as they were reported to Ann and Todd.  You’ll see what I mean as I continue to post his book on this blog.

While I’m doing these light changes, I decided to hire a cover artist (Stephannie Beman) to do a new cover for me.  I want this cover to better match Catching Kent, and given my tight deadline with Kent Ashton’s Backstory and Catching Kent, I just don’t want to take the time to worry about making the cover myself.  Stephannie does awesome work.  She made the header on this blog. 😀   I’ll post the new cover when it comes in.

My other works in progress are temporarily on hold

I probably won’t get back to writing in The Purchased Bride, Boaz’s Wager, and The Earl’s Scandalous Wife until October 8.  I might be able to write some here and there, but right now all of my energy is going into the three books I’m working on.

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