Interview with Boaz Grady (Hero in Boaz’s Wager)….With Eva Connealy Jumping In

boaz's wager

While I’m rewriting portions of Boaz’s Wager, I thought I’d bring Boaz in for an interview to better understand his character.

Boaz: What’s to understand? I thought I was pretty clear on what I wanted.

Ruth:  Not really.  You seem to change your mind quite a bit.  I spent most of the day swapping scenes around in this rewrite I’m doing because you kept changing your mind on what you want to do and when.  It was crazy, Boaz.  I’ve never had a character give me this much trouble.

Boaz: Well, this is my book.  I want to make sure it’s just write.  Get it?  I put “write” where right should be.  *laughs*

Eva: Nothing is sadder than a person who thinks they’re funny when they’re not.

Boaz Grady who runs the risk of being replaced with someone else if he doesn't start cooperating with Ruth

Boaz Grady who runs the risk of being replaced with someone else if he doesn’t start cooperating with Ruth

Boaz: That was plenty funny.  Anyone who didn’t laugh doesn’t have a sense of humor.

Ruth: Anyway, I have some interview questions to ask you.  If you answer them, it might help me figure you out.

Boaz: What’s to figure out?  I want a mother for my children.  I can’t raise them by myself. I train horses so I can’t be there during the day.

Ruth: Okay, so maybe that is what you start out wanting, but during the course of the story  I’m sure you developed another want.  Something that involves an attractive young lady who came all the way from Omaha in order to be in this book?  She had to leave behind possible suitors behind in order to marry you.

Eva: Give me a break.  There were no suitors.  And thanks to the major rejection I faced in Isaac’s Decision, everyone probably thinks I’m a loser.  Not to mention a snob.  I really didn’t care of the way Emily Craftsman talked about me.

Ruth: That’s the beauty of point of view, Eva.  In Isaac’s Decision, everyone got to see how Isaac and Emily saw you.  In Boaz’s Wager, we get to see you as you really are.

Eva: I hope no one reading Boaz’s Wager read Isaac’s Decision.  They’re not going to think I’m worth having my own story.

Ruth: Sure they will.  In fact, some might even be rooting for you.

Eva:  Rooting for me to take my stuck up ways and shove my books up my–

Ruth: Eva!  This is a G-rated blog.  You are not allowed to say that word on here.

Eva: I was going to say “up my snobby old nose” but it appalls me you think I’d say something inappropriate.  I was a teacher up until the time you placed me in this book, after all.

Boaz: I thought this blog post was about me.

Eva: It might be if you would come up with something interesting to say, but all I’ve heard so far is “I know what I want” but no one else can figure out what that is except that you want your children back.  That only takes you up to chapter three.  After that, more stuff needs to happen or else we all might as well do a short story.

Boaz: Are we happily married or does this story end in a tragedy?

Ruth: It’s a romance, Boaz.  You two end up happy.

Boaz: Does she complain during the whole book?

Ruth: No.

Boaz: From the sample you posted on Sunday, it looks like she does.  To be honest, she scares me.  How do I know she’s not going to come in and kill me while I’m asleep because I forced her to marry me?

Eva Connealy who isn't sure people will believe she's a sweet, tender heroine based on her past in Isaac's Decision

Eva Connealy who isn’t sure people will believe she’s a sweet, tender heroine based on her past in Isaac’s Decision

Eva: Oh for goodness’ sakes!  I’m not a murderer.

Boaz: Are you kidding me? You got the look of “crazy” in your eyes.

Eva: No, I don’t.

Boaz: Your eyes are ready to pop out of your head.

Ruth: Don’t exaggerate, Boaz.

Boaz: Who’s exaggerating?  Look at what she’s doing.  She’s on the phone and drawing something.  I think she’s planning to be a widow.

Ruth: She’s doing no such thing.  Now, back to this interview.  Boaz, what is your big motivation in this book besides getting your kids back?

Boaz: Easy.  I want to stay alive.

Ruth: *sighs*  It’s a romance, Boaz.  You are the hero.  The hero doesn’t die in the romance.

Boaz: I don’t know.  What about the movie Titanic?

Ruth: That movie wasn’t a romance.  It had a romantic subplot.

Eva: Thanks for spoiling a movie, Boaz.  Some people out there might be reading this and haven’t even seen the movie.

Boaz: Hey, I just watched it to see the ship sink.

Eva: That’s alarmingly gruesome.

Boaz: Who is going to watch that movie without knowing the ship is going to sink?

Ruth: Boaz, this is the problem with you.  I’m trying to stay on course as I’m rewriting your book.  And just like you’re doing in this blog post, you keep bouncing around on me in the story.

Boaz: You keep saying I’m in a romance novel.  Then the whole plot is obvious to me.  I marry Eva.  She’s a good mother to my kids.  Somewhere along the way, she decides not to kill me for buying her when she didn’t want to be sold.  And we end up living happily ever after.  The end.  See?  Now that I just stated the whole entire plot, no one even needs to read the book when it comes out next month.

Ruth: But you’ll need to get to the point where you consummate the marriage.

Boaz: No.  That’s not going to happen.  I’m not putting another woman through another risky pregnancy.  Sorry.  This will have to be a G-rated book.

Eva: Are you kidding me?  I didn’t sign up for this.  It was bad enough Isaac Larson didn’t want me.  I won’t have you not wanting me either.  We’re going to consummate the marriage whether you like it or not, Boaz.

Boaz: I don’t think so, Eva.

Eva: We are.

Boaz: Not.

Ruth: While you two continue to argue about it, I’m going to go back to your book and see what I can do about that thing Heather just slipped Eva to use with Boaz.

Boaz: What thing?

Ruth: That’s for me to know and you to find out.  You’re not the only one who can keep the other one guessing on what’s going to happen next.


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  1. LOL Boaz has no idea what he’s up against, does he?

  2. So very cute interview. You are so creative with books AND blogs! I ejoyed Mitch’s story so much, can’t wait for Eva’s…. I mean Boaz.

  3. Okay, now I HAVE to read it to see what Heather gave Eva. LOL

    • Hehe I took the advice of my publisher and slipped that part in. It took me some research to find out the specifics on it to make sure it worked for the time period.

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