6 Responses to Updates (Again)

  1. I’m looking forward to Patty’s Gamble. Hopefully you can get this one done sooner than later. Perhaps you can take John Myers and pit him against the Sheriff Irving from the Wrong Husband. Would make for interesting reading.

    • Patty’s Gamble has to be out this summer because I’m on the hook with my publisher on that one. 😀 I am given a grace with a month or two, but I do need to get it finished up soon.

      I hadn’t thought of doing anything with Irving. I’ll take a look at the timeline in The Wrong Husband and see how things work. Since Owen took over as deputy, that would be possible. I’ll see if it can fit in the plot.

  2. I’ll be really interested to know how you co-write with someone. It seems like it would be really hard. I look forward to that post.

    • The hardest part was figuring out the system to use and how to make a contract that worked best for both sides. It’s much easier to write the books than to get the contract figured out. LOL

  3. Rose Gordon says:

    You have so many books in the works… As I have been for three years now, I am completely in awe!

    • I find I get bored if I work on just one book. Having more on hand to choose from gives me the chance to work on something else that peaks my interest at the moment. However, I do put a limit on how many books I’ll have up at one time. 🙂

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