2 Responses to A Royal Engagement is Available (Except on Kobo)

  1. Kobo is a pain. I published Hearts of Evil back in February, and it STILL isn’t on Kobo! I guess I need to contact Smashwords.

    • I ran into that problem earlier this year with The Earl’s Scandalous Wife. I emailed Smashwords about it three times, kept getting the “we contacted Kobo” replies, and finally gave up after a couple months and uploaded the book through Kobo’s Writing Life. I want to support Smashwords, which is why I’m trying to get this pre-order thing to work over there. I was hoping by having it in pre-order, I would resolve that issue. I don’t know if emailing Smashwords would do any good in your situation or not. I didn’t have any success with The Earl’s Scandalous Wife. A Royal Engagement is the first book I’m using with Smashwords since I couldn’t get The Earl’s Scandalous Wife to work.

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