Overview Of What I’d Like To Get Done This Year

Quick update on Battle Royale: I haven’t been able to read it because I was out of town this week.  I’m stuck in initial edit mode, too, so I’ll really be snail pacing it.  This is why I don’t read many books in a year.  I get stuck working. 🙂  I tend to be a workaholic, which is why I need to take more breathers so I don’t burn out.  Reading would be one of those breathers.

Anyway, this is a brief sketch of what I’d like to get done this year.

1.  His Convenient Wife 

His Convenient Wife ebook cover

Fortunately, this is ready to go tomorrow.  I’m going to quickly add that this is my favorite book.  My favorite used to be Loving Eliza, but after thinking about it, I realized this has taken its place.  It was hard to bump Loving Eliza to Number 2.

I’ll make a post on here when it’s live.

2.  Love Lessons With The Duke (Book 2 in the Marriage by Deceit Series)

Love Lessons with the Duke

This will be out February 14.

Having two books out of the way does help with making this list. 😀

3.  Online Proposal (novella under pen name Barbara Joan Russell) that is going to be in the anthology I’m doing with Catherine Lynn.

We don’t have a title or cover for the anthology yet.  But we are hoping to have this out in either February or March.  (I only have 10,000 more words or so to finish this one.)

4.  Ruined By The Earl (Book 3 in the Marriage by Deceit Series)

Ruined by the Earl ebook cover

This one is so much fun.  The hero is so cocky he’s a blast to work with.  I’m still hoping to get this out in March, though it might be toward the end of the month.  *fingers crossed*

5.  The Earl’s Stolen Bride (Book 4 in the Marriage by Deceit Series)

The Earl's Stolen Bride

This should be out in either April or May.  Other projects have come to the forefront.

6.  A Groom’s Promise (anthology with Janet Syas Nitsick)

a groom's promise

I’m not sure when this will be out.  Things have slowed on my end (due to Ruined by the Earl and Online Proposal).  I’m about 10,000 words into my novella, The Shy Groom.  I am thinking The Shy Groom will be 30,000-40,000 words when all is said and done.  That only puts me about 1/4 (or slightly more) into the story.

We might be looking at a late spring to early summer release on this one.

7.  Co-Authored Project #1

Until the author and I have more details, I can’t say more about it.  I’m just marking it down as something I plan to get to this year.  I have no idea when it’d be published.

8.  Co-Authored Project #2

The same applies as above.

9.  Wagon Trail Bride (Book 1: Pioneer Series)

Stephannie Beman will be redoing this cover, so I won’t bother posting it.  I’d like to get this out either this summer or early fall.

10.  Royal Hearts (Book 2 in the Enchanted Galaxy Series)

royal hearts ebook cover

The good news is I already wrote it.  The bad news, it needs to be rewritten.  The release date is set for July.  (It’s one of the books I already set up on pre-order.)

10. I’d like to get started on the next Regency series since I got an idea for them the other day.

I’ll discuss this more in detail in another post, but I’m excited about it and plan to use Lady Seyton (heroine in Love Lessons With The Duke) as a central figure in the series.  This means I get to bring back some characters from the other two Regency series, which is always fun.


Other Notes

1.  There’s a certain time period in the year where it makes no sense to publish anything, and that seems to be between October and December.  I think people are too wrapped up in the holidays to worry about reading.  So in those months, I’ll be writing and getting books ready for the next year.

2.  I was planning on another Barbara Joan Russell book, but after thinking over the storyline, it might be one of those books that would be better off with sex in it.  Some books seem to be better off with it and some not.  It depends on the characters and the plot, and I can’t know for sure until I work on it.  So I might snag it and publish it under Ruth Ann Nordin.  We’ll see what happens.

3.  I’m not sure if I can get started (or even do) another book in the Pioneer Series.  It depends on how the co-authored projects go.

About Ruth Ann Nordin

Ruth Ann Nordin mainly writes historical western romances and Regencies. From time to time, she branches out to other genres, but her first love is historical romance. She lives in Omaha, Nebraska with her husband and a couple of children. To find out more about her books, go to https://ruthannnordinsbooks.wordpress.com/.
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  1. Oh my STARS, you are so prolific. And you usually get your projects done around when you plan them. You just write a lot. I’m so envious! 🙂

    • The co-authored works make it seem like I’m doing a lot more than I really am since in the anthologies, I’m doing novellas instead of full-length novels. So I can write those in the half the time. 🙂

      • So, on the co-authored works…are those anthologies or stories actually written with another author?

        • Catherine Lynn and Janet Syas Nitsick do anthologies with me. Stephannie Beman and I do the same story. I find the anthologies easier because it’s pretty much me doing it. When you write the same story, it gets more complicated because everything is best done at the same time, and with kids that gets to be tough. Both of us have to work around school schedules, plus she’s got a ranch to help her husband with. Then I have days where I meet Janet for our writing group or run errands, so I’m not home all the time either.

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