Update on My Progress for The Earl’s Stolen Bride and A Groom’s Promise

I’m hoping to finish up with both of these by the end of next week.  *fingers crossed*

Book 4 in the Marriage by Deceit Series.

Marriage by Deceit Series: Book 4

I just finished Chapter 20 in this one.  I pretty much hit on the major climax of the book already, and everything from here is resolution, which basically means I’m resolving all the points of conflict that I introduced earlier in the story.  I’m not sure how many chapters are left, but I’m at 53,700 words now, and I don’t expect to hit over 65,000 words.  So that hopefully gives you an idea of how close I am to the end.

I was going to put this one on pre-order, but because I don’t want to wait all the way to August to get it out, I’m not going to do a pre-order on this one.  I’d like to get it out in July.  I already have my editor reserved to work on it in June.

a groom's promise

This one is quickly nearing the 50,000-word mark, which will make it a full-length novel.  I got almost 47,500 words in.  I have just reached Chapter 20.  I should have either 3 or 4 chapters left.  So this puts me at an estimate of 54,000 words total for this book.

I have struggled a lot with the title of my story in this anthology, and I finally just settled on The Shy Groom.  I really can’t come up with anything else that fits.  So The Shy Groom, it is.

During June, Janet and I will be going through this book, and we’re expecting to have it to our publisher in July.  From there, it shouldn’t be too long before it’s out.

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